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Marina Abramovic’s performance ends in vomit.


When an audience member decides to upstage a performance artist.

About an hour and a half ago Marina Abramovic ended a marathon performance art piece at MOMA where according to the New York Time’s she would “sit, six days a week, seven hours a day in a plain chair, under bright klieg lights,” not saying a word welcoming audience members to sit opposite her and be as they wished. In all she clocked 700 hours.

But her last day didn’t go without two separate audience member trying to create their very own performance art:


Marina Abramovic’s weeks-long performance art piece ends today. It raised important questions about the nature of art. They will probably never be answered. What’s certain, though, is that an audience member made themselves vomit, and another stripped nude today.

Which makes us wonder if somehow this all pleased Ms Abramovic in that her performance was able to elicit vile strong reactions, something most artists (and performers) willingly advance if their work is to have any merit.

He just ran up to the outer ropes stuck his fingers down his throat and threw up. He then stumbled back and tried to throw up again, but not much came out. The guards grabbed him and kicked him out. Marina didn’t move the whole time.

Which begs the question what does art mean anymore and how does one define who is really the performer and who is really the audience member. Miss Abramovic mission’s has certainly confused us, which is another way of saying it also succeeded.

Source: Gawker

Amir Baradaran’s and Marina Abramovic: A Conversation, MOMA 2010