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Andersson & Nordstrom;A Swedish Showcase in Chelsea.


Mamma Andersson- 'Pigeon House.'- 2010.

Shared interests can bring a family together. When those interests also happen to be passions—and livelihoods—that togetherness takes on a whole other dimension.

Such is the case with husband-and-wife artists Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström, two Swedes who are now exhibiting their art together for the first time with Who is Sleeping on my Pillow. The exhibition (running through June 12) kicked off on Thursday with an event at the David Zwirner Gallery, and a small army of aesthetes descended upon the Chelsea space to see the spousal showcase.

The rooms at Zwirner had an ethereal quality. The starkly white walls brightened by the lamps and skylights high above made the room seem luminous. People of all types—from a bearded guy in his twenties holding a skateboard to a sixty-ish woman in a leopard print coat holding a tiny dog—were strewn throughout the room conversing or considering the artwork. Having noticed a garbage can brimming with iced Rolling Rock, I grabbed one and began my exploration of the work on display.

Though the two were exhibiting together, each had a set of their own rooms. Andersson’s art generally focuses on simple indoor settings—a kitchen sink, a cloak room—and ordinary outdoor ones with a tinge of underlying strangeness. The titular piece was a figure that appears on the floor, surrounded by magazines and comics, in what appears to be blissful napping state (but without a pillow, or, in fact, a noticeable head). My personal favorite was Pigeon House, an enigmatic view of three different people sitting at a table that begged a slew of head-tilting questions.

Mamma Anderson- Untitled 2009.
Anderson.- 'Emo.' -2010.

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