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‘Making out’ in Dubai is not a good idea.


Trying to understand how and when culture works…

Courts in Dubai recently upheld a sentence that will see a British man and his female friend visiting spending 30 days in jail for the horrendous crime of kissing intimately in public and drinking alcohol.

Reports the ABC:

An Emirati mother had complained her child had seen their indiscretion.

The case is the third time in under two years that Britons have fallen foul of indecency laws in Dubai, a Muslim emirate popular with sun-seeking Western tourists and expatriates.

The defendants are consulting their lawyer on whether to appeal Sunday’s ruling before a cassation court, the website of the daily Gulf News reported.

This of course begs a few questions. How can such a policy remain law in light of the fact that this nation hopes to sustain its burgeoning tourism industry (with many Europeans flying in for the warm weather and amenities) and the very fact most of its new infrastructure has been built by foreigners and so often is build with foreigners as end consumers.

Also worth considering is why is that when Islamic believing individuals insist on perpetuating their faith’s customs when they move abroad they seek to call those very nations that host them as bigots and prejudiced when all they are doing is upholding the law of the land. For instance, that no head wear is to be worn at school in France.

Obviously it’s not an easy situation to address, but one does wonder if Dubai wants to maintain it’s integrity with its Western counterparts that it increasingly draws on if whether relaxing some of its zealous laws may lead to greater harmony between it and the West, never mind the offended eyes of a young Emirati child and the child’s mother.