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The whole world waits in agony to find out if Rihanna stiffed her personal trainer.


How super stars make their personal trainers sweat.

Looks like the world is about to self collide and in the middle of that collision lies Rihanna’s hot abs, buns and the $26 000 bill that her personal trainer Cindy Percival is desperate to recoup. With a daily rate of $1500 a day (more than what some plastic surgeons make…) one can only speculate that Rihana is playing hardball or Percival is out of her head and trying to figure out a quick rich scheme now that the star has ceased using the begrudged trainer.

Says TMZ:

In the lawsuit, Cindy claims she was hired to perform “exclusive personal training services” for Rihanna for $1,500 per day — but never got a check for a couple of weeks of work between September and October.

Cindy is also asking for $2,644.14 in travel expenses — because she claims she had to travel all over Europe to meet up with Rihanna … to make her bend, stretch, pump and sweat in person.

Exclusive personal training services? What exactly does that mean, was Rihana’s tongue performing push ups at the back end of Percival’s asshole? In any respect one can excuse all of  this for happening in Los Angeles because as most sane New Yorkers can tell you $1500 a day can get you 3 health annual health memberships these days with a post work out smoothie to boot.


  • contemplative

    Yeah, I know her too and that is bullshit. Never known a more honest person.

  • Coneheado

    I personally kow Cindy Percival and she is a con artist.  She owes me at least $10,000.  She is not to be trusted. If you are looking for a personal trainer, DO NOT HIRE HER!  She lives from hand to mouth and is always mooching off of people she calls “friends”