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The heist robbery that resembled Ocean’s 11.


When life resembles art.

This morning news came that a major heist was pulled off in Basel, Switzerland that easily resembled the one that one so often gets to see in make believe film/TV.

From the UK Daily Mail:

An armed gang of masked men raided a casino packed with about 600 guests early this morning and made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Swiss prosecutors.

One has to wonder if makeshift thieves are now seriously studying what goes on in films just as much as aspiring film directors. The only difference being is that film directors simulate the whole thing where as real life ‘baddies’ go in and do it in real time and hope for the best.

It said: ‘About 10 men dressed in black arrived in two cars at the Grand Casino near Basel shortly after 4.00am.

‘One smashed the front door with a sledgehammer, and the others ran inside with machine guns and pistols.

Does this remind you of a scene you have seen somewhere before? With the implosion of the visual medium it seems most of us are fascinated by what we get to see and read in cyber land and film/TV, so much to the point that a cursory look around us will eventually have you wondering is this reality or some heightened regurgitated extension of make believe?

Call it the wave of the future or society referencing to current culture. Of course what passes for current culture does at times beg the bigger question- where is it all heading?


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  • Anonymous

    Ok – may the author of this piece needs to actually see Ocean’s 11 – Since this there were no guns or violence in that movie. Why are ignorant people of the media always writing out of their behind?