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Leif Garrett Still Acts Like A Teenager


Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Getting busted with drugs is starting to become Leif’s preferred vocation.

There was a time once in America that Leif Garret was every teenager’s wet dream. Unfortunately that time has come and gone, and the ex-surfer and TV hunk’s life these days has been reduced to endless parades back to court for narcotics possession.

As reported by sleaze bags Bumpshack:

Leif Garrett was carrying black tar heroin in his shoe when he was arrested Monday morning in L.A., this according to law enforcement sources.

According to sources, cops first noticed Garrett shaking and sweating profusely at an L.A. Metrolink station — when they asked him if they could perform a search of his person.

We’re told cops asked Garrett if he had any drugs on him — at first, Garrett told them he didn’t … but then later admitted he was packing heroin in his shoe.

In any event, life is a bitch when those blonde fluffy curls are gone, and so are the girls that once came with them. Leif is expected back in court on February 24th– after posting $10,000 bail, that is.

For those of you who still have no idea who Leif Garrett is:

Source: TMZ