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Gary Coleman can’t help getting in more trouble.


garyc250What’chya talking about Willis?

A couple of weeks back we all thought Gary Coleman, disgraced actor and human being was going to cark it when he was rushed to hospital after suffering some weird heart palpitations otherwise known as a heart attack. Of course that was just wishful thinking on our part. Somehow Gary managed to pull through and is back to his terrible ways.

Reports TMZ;

Law enforcement in Santaquin, UT says he was arrested on one count of domestic assault — a misdemeanor. He was picked up because of a warrant stemming from a prior incident.

Cops would not release the identity of the victim.

He is currently being held on $1,725 bail.

That said we have an idea that might have Hollywood producers jumping- a reality show called ‘Slummin’ with Gary Coleman’ as he goes from one misdemeanor after another. It might not be very thought provocative but at least it will keep America cynically entertained…until the day it doesn’t.


Gary Coleman nearly pulls the plug.

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