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It’s Not Just the Handbags That are Fake.

chinacondomYou go out, you meet someone, you get invited back, you don’t have anything on you so you do the responsible thing and nip to the convenience store to stock up. So far, so good? Wrong.
In a country where birth control is a serious matter, with regulations restricting inner-city couples to one child each, you can bet there will be a lot of nervous men and women in the Hunan province this week, as news broke that police had raided a workshop producing counterfeit condoms.
As the Times reports:

Police warned that that contraceptives had already been distributed nationwide and many people had already bought and used the poor quality items, risking both pregnancy and disease… Four people have been arrested in the condom bust [snigger] where bare-chested employees were found using vegetable oil to lubricate the condoms to make them smooth and shiny before placing them directly in fibre bags without bothering with sterilisation.

Police have warned that, although the fake condoms are packaged to resemble reputable brands, such as Durex, a good way to spot a counterfeit was that the price of the fakes is significantly lower than that of the genuine article. Presumably noticing that your genitals smell like chip fat is a fairly good indicator too.
Times Online

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