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Mandatory Government Vaccines. How Orwellian.


bigbrotherJust a little poke and you keep your job.

Nurses and health-care workers are trying to push back against a movement for mandatory H1N1 vaccines for people working in their field. Of course, in the spirit of 1984, it isn’t working, and is boiling down to a choice between the vaccine or unemployment.

As reported in USA Today, “The state Hospital Review and Planning Council unanimously approved a requirement that health-care workers in hospitals, outpatient clinics and home-care programs receive seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines by Nov. 30, unless they have medical reasons why they cannot.”

We understand completely the benefit to patient safety that this measure provides. However, it is a bit terrifying to think of a government mandate that requires an injection that may very well not be what they say it is. Conspiracy theories are not  our style but large institutions never seem to have a flawless record when it comes to telling the truth.

Suggested reading for this issue: anything by Noam Chomsky, Bradburys’s Fahrenheit 451, and the Orwell classics 1984 and Animal Farm. Also, Netflix the film Equilibrium and watch Christian Bale return freedom (via automatic pistol) to the oppressed. A brilliant action movie.

N.Y. health care workers protest mandatory H1N1 flu shots

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