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Track Star Caster Semenya confirmed to be freak and Cover model.


track-star-caster-semenyaWhen the world doesn’t know what to do with a track star sensation it turns them into a cover model.


Results are finally in- Caster Semenya who last month confused authorities with her world winning time for the 800 meter in the World Championships in Berlin, Germany is both a man and a woman- in other words a hermaphrodite.

With triple the amount of testosterone normally found in women, no internal ovaries or womb, and internal testes Caster may be forced to give up her medals as authorities deliberate what to do next.

That said while they deliberate what to do with her legitimacy as last month’s winner, magazine editors (yes always the magazine editors…) have taken to putting Caster in stilettos in the glowing You Magazine photoshoot featuring her new made-up, stylized self.

“I didn’t do this to prove a point but rather to have fun,”

(and of course maybe to make sure you keep your gold medal…)

So while sporting authorities are in a quandary with what to do with Caster at least a bunch of editors have the good decency to put Caste in makeup and get her to do what most freaks end up doing in their lifetime- getting involved in showbusiness.

That said, assuming Caster is somewhat mildly amusing, can strut, have public fits and claim unyielding magnanimity a career as a track star means little as Castilla gets on with being a cover model.

When the only option that exists is to become a cover model one should take it…

Caster Semenya- Is she a boy or a girl?

Caster Semenya, forced to take gender test, is a woman … and a man

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