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What is it with all the beautiful people who only come out after ten pm?


pic8eTrying to preserve one’s looks by avoiding the daily mob…

We’ve been observing an interesting phenomenon in the city lately, well at least downtown anyway where during the day only ugly and fat people can be observed trolling the neighborhood and subway system, but as soon as they go back to their boring lives in their apartments at night suddenly all the beautiful people get up and make their ‘special’ presence known.

From trendy restaurants, nightclubs, parties and galleries and the occasional gala we have noticed an increased ratio of human beings with close to perfect cheekbones and of course ‘fabulous’ personalities.

Of course we do wonder how long this phenomena will last and when all the ugly people will finally catch on….

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  • NoSalt

    I’d tell you why we do this, but it’s a secret.

  • claire

    Some have and it frightens the pretty people who are out….incredible to watch happen in their natural after hours habitats.

  • William

    They are actually vampires. Try to take them under the sun lights, they will burn up.