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Tehran: Should I be surprised that a dictator wins in a ‘landslide’ vote?


tehranIn some parts of the world they go to the polling booth to show that they wish lived in a democracy…

Here’s food for thought. In Iran, the nation went into voting mode for a new president- the contestants, the incumbent a hardliner with the army and the priests behind him Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a newcomer –Moussavi, a favorite of the youth (who make 70 percent of the population).

When the results were delivered Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei called it ‘divine intervention’ that led to Ahmadinejad’s ‘landslide’ win.

Ahmadinejad Re-Elected; Protests Flar

But here’s a question. If it was such a landslide win why was there widespread reportage of protests, beatings, and riot police involved?

Do such things happen in landslides? Well – a better question might be, don’t things like this also happen in the USA, the supposed model of democracy, but instead of ‘divine interventions,’ we have ‘capital’ interventions and other lobbying divinity?

Just a thought…

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  • But here’s the question, if were not surprised the election is not rigged then are we always surprised here in the states – when in many the ways the elections are rigged from the outset- you either have money or represent the capital money class.

    Really, what’s the difference and why is no one not surprised here, except for the occasional cranky editor…

  • Funkay

    I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised that the election was rigged, either.

  • Lookatme

    He’s not the dictator, he’s just the front man.