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School defends gender rights of Canada trans teacher w/ giant prosthetic breasts

Oakville trans teacher
Has one Canada school gone overboard? Oakville HS trans teacher insists she be allowed to assert gender rights.
Oakville trans teacher
Has one Canada school gone overboard? Oakville HS trans teacher insists she be allowed to assert gender rights.

Oakville HS trans teacher sparks debate after wearing prosthetic breasts in classroom as the school defends the educator’s gender rights while others question if it’s beyond appropriate and inciting. 

Has one school gone too far? A Canadian school board has defended the right of a trans teacher who ignited protests after turning up to classes with ‘clownish’ giant prosthetic breasts.

The blond-haired high school teacher went viral after being filmed operating a circular saw in class while wearing tight black shorts and balloon-like breasts drooping around the waist in a tight, striped top.

Other images taken by pupils at the school in Oakville, about 20 miles outside Toronto, showed the educator in other outfits, with huge nipples protruding from the fake bust.

The Halton District School Board confirmed that the person getting “significant attention online” was an Oakville High School teacher. It refused to identify the educator while warning that the wrong person had been named in online reports.

The Oakville industrial arts teacher’s unconventional ‘presence’ has led to parents and students challenging the teacher’s attire, in what they deem as inappropriate, sexual and ‘offensive’. 

At what point does woke become dysfunctional?

Some ‘disturbed’ pupils have skipped classes held by the educator who began identifying as female last year, according to the Toronto Sun.

‘The kids here most definitely don’t think it’s normal … but realistically we can’t say anything,’ the paper quoted one pupil as having tweeted.

But, ‘I don’t think the school can fire’ the teacher who still identified as a man last year, the pupil said.

Halton District School Board Chair Margo Shuttleworth also confirmed there have already been protests and angry complaints.

‘I do know there have been phone calls made to the school that haven’t been the most pleasant in nature,’ Shuttleworth told the Toronto Sun.

The board was ‘creating a safety plan’ for the teacher to ‘make sure she is protected’ and can continue leading classes amid the protests, the board chair said.

Protecting ‘gender rights’ is ‘the stance the school board is taking and they are standing behind the teacher,’ Shuttleworth reiterated. 

Define gender rights? 

‘This teacher (who teaches shop) is an extremely effective teacher,’ she insisted.

‘All the kids really love being in the class,’ the board chair said — while conceding ‘there had to be some disconnect’ because pupils recorded the teacher in class.

Employment lawyer Sunira Chaudhry disagreed with the school’s stance — telling the Toronto Sun that supporting such ‘unprofessional attire’ was in fact ‘creating a wedge’ in gender rights.

Which is to wonder, can one claim and say and dress as they like as long as its predicated on their vision to affirm their ‘gender rights?’ Even to the point of being an affront to what some would argue as a lack of decorum and insistence on their own preferred sensibilities, irrespective of how extreme or outlandish others would consider it? 

‘It’s clownish,’ Chaudhry said of the teacher’s image.

Adding: ‘It seems sexist to me, because of the exaggerated nature of these breasts with nipples protruding. I think a lot of young women at the school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel mocked.’

Oakville trans teacher
Oakville HS trans teacher asserting her gender rights.

What if this was just a normal teacher? 

She insisted a school would equally be expected to step in ‘if a teacher came in with natural breasts, nipples protruding, a low-cut top and no bra.’

Schools are expected to step in and say, ‘We need you as a teacher to come to school and dress professionally,’ the lawyer said.

The Toronto Sun’s op-ed editor, Anthony Fury, also insisted that ‘parents (and students) are right to be concerned.’

‘The situation just isn’t normal and shouldn’t be allowed to continue,’ the columnist wrote.

‘This has nothing to do with something like transgender rights,’ Fury wrote, saying it ‘goes beyond an incident of ‘wokeness’ or ‘political correctness.”

Unless of course one attests to belonging to a group or identity or a tribe known to be fiercely vocal against anyone who takes exception to their agenda.

‘The story has gone viral not because the teacher identifies as trans. It’s gone viral because everyone knows it’s completely inappropriate for someone to present themselves this way in a professional environment,’ the columnist wrote.

Which is to wonder, at one point does a teacher cease to fulfill their role as an educator while in the quest of hatching out their self identity?