Home Scandal and Gossip Assamad Nash stabbed Asian ad exec 40 times in sexual assault crime

Assamad Nash stabbed Asian ad exec 40 times in sexual assault crime

Christina Yuna Lee & Assamad Nash
Christina Yuna Lee stabbed 40 times in sexually motivated burglary by Assamad Nash.
Christina Yuna Lee & Assamad Nash
Christina Yuna Lee stabbed 40 times in sexually motivated burglary by Assamad Nash

Christina Yuna Lee stabbed 40 times in sexually motivated burglary according to Manhattan prosecutors as homeless serial criminal Assamad Nash appeared in court on Monday. 

A homeless serial criminal appearing in a Manhattan court on Monday was accused of murdering an Asian ad creative after following her into her apartment building and up six flights up into her apartment and stabbing the woman 40 times with one of her own knives – with prosecutors saying the man who has a lengthy prior criminal rap sheet was motived by a desire to sexually assault their victim. 

Assamad Nash, 25, was charged with first degree murder along with sexually-motivated burglary by prosecutors Monday, as it was revealed his victim Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was found topless in the bathtub of her Chinatown apartment Sunday the dailymail reported.   

At the time of the attack, Nash who had been previously arrested no less than seven times since 2015 and four times last year alone had been on bail for robbery when he allegedly murdered his victim PIX11 reported

Lee’s piercing cries for help circa 4.23 am Sunday morning led to disturbed neighbors calling 911, with responding police finding the ad executive continuously slashed at by her victim. Her alleged murderer was found hiding under the woman’s bed, his torso bloodied along with cuts to his hands and shoulder. A yellow-handled knife was then found behind a dresser in the victim’s bedroom. 

‘I didn’t kill nobody,’ Nash said while being led to his arraignment on Monday the nytimes reported. 

Suspect sought to mislead responding police

Assistant District Attorney Dafna Yoran said Nash attempted to mislead police from breaking into Lee’s apartment by imitating a woman’s voice.

‘We don’t need the police here – go away,’ Nash told police, according to Yoran, as he set up a blockade inside the apartment before NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit busted the door down, half an hour later. 

Once inside, police found Lee dead in her bathroom, naked from the waist up. 

At the time of the murder, Nash had three additional open criminal cases – one for assaulting a Brooklyn man, 63-year-old David Elliot, in a subway station the nypost reported

The serial homeless criminal had been arrested multiple times for assault, possession of drugs and harassment over the last two years. He was due back in court for the Elliot case next month and is currently being held in Bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Lee, 35, was coming home Sunday morning about 4:30 from a night out at a club when Nash spotted her getting out of an Uber, her landlord Brian Chin said.

Security video captured Nash creeping into the building behind Lee, who didn’t notice her stalker had slipped in before the front door had closed behind her. 

Nash kept back as the digital producer climbed the six flights to her apartment, Chin said, climbing up one floor below as she went.

He rushed her as she unlocked her apartment door and entered her apartment, police said.

Neighbors were awakened Sunday morning to Lee’s primal screams of ‘Please, help me. Call 911.’

By then, Nash had barricaded himself in the apartment with the fatally wounded Lee, who lay bleeding to death in the bathtub.

Police were forced to saw their way into the unit. 

According to reports, it took police 90 minutes to finally enter the apartment, where they came across the macabre scene. 

Long career criminal rap sheet

According to ABC7, Nash has been arrested at least seven times since 2015, most recently on January 6, 2022. Nash has been arrested four times in the last year alone. 

His rap sheet included misdemeanor charges of assault, intentional damage to property, harassment, resisting arrest, both attempted and successful escape from police officers and selling a fare card.

Three of these cases remain open, and he has appeared in court on numerous occasions. 

Assamad Nash was set to appear again before a judge on March 9 on the assault, harassment and intentional damage to property charges.

Prosecutors said they will work to determine whether the defendant targeted Christina Yuan Lee or committed the crime due to a racial animus or belief. As of yet, no such evidence has been found.

Judge Weiner ordered Nash to return to court on Feb. 18. If convicted of the new charges against him, Nash faces a sentence as high as life without parole.