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San Jose VTA shooting suspect ex girlfriend alleged rape & violent mood swings

Sam James Cassidy San Jose shooting
Samuel Cassidy San Jose shooting at VTA light rail yard.
Sam James Cassidy San Jose shooting
Samuel Cassidy San Jose shooting at VTA light rail yard.

Sam James Cassidy San Jose VTA shooting suspect prior sexual assault case of former girlfriend sheds light on abusive individual who enjoyed inflicting pain and having violent mood swings. 

Allegations of sexual assault involving the suspect in the mass shooting who shot dead eight fellow co-workers at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Wednesday morning, before turning the gun to himself have been revealed according to a report.

According to court records cited by the San Francisco Chronicle, Sam James Cassidy, a technician worker at the VTA light rail hub told his ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 2009 that he would break up with her unless she engaged in a certain sex act with him. In a sworn court declaration from March 2009, Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend said Samuel Cassidy, 57, told her he would travel to a getaway to Monterey, California that she had booked only if she was ready to give in to his sexual desires.

Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend had filed the court document in response to a domestic violence restraining order he had filed in February 2009 against her. She said she dated Cassidy on and off for a year and alleged that he had major mood swings as a result of his bipolar disorder. Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend alleged his demeanor worsened after he drank large amounts of alcohol. 

His ex-girlfriend said, ‘He also played several mind games which he seems to enjoy.’ She detailed several instances of sexual assault she endured at his hands in the court documents.

‘Several times during the relationship he became intoxicated, enraged, and forced himself on me sexually,’ records show. Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend said he would restrain her arms to her side and force his weight on her. The woman said she was just 5-foot-4 and weighed 120 pounds whereas Cassidy was 6-foot-1 and weighed 200 pounds. 

San Jose rail yard shooter wife: He had two sides, hated co-workers who he wanted to shoot

Ongoing sexual assault

The woman alleged he tried to forcefully convince her for a**l intercourse on several occasions. She said she would try to fight him off and he would apologize later and promise to never do it again. The court documents also reveal another such incident from September 2008 where Cassidy allegedly pushed the woman on the bed and forced her to have sex with him. Court documents also reveal that Cassidy stole tools and equipment from his current and former employers. 

Of note, Cassidy’s divorce to his wife of ten years was finalized in 2009 according to KTVU after filing in 2005. It wasn’t immediately clear if man was seeing the girlfriend before the divorce was filed.

Another woman who was not named, told NBC Bay Area that she and Cassidy dated for six months back in 2009 after meeting on Match.com. The woman said Cassidy turned on her when she rejected his marriage proposal, telling him she didn’t want to rush into a wedding.

‘I was scared… I turned him down and he turned totally different,’ she stated. ‘He was angry, screaming, [he stole] my car.’ The woman also recalled, Cassidy at one point saying, his job at VTA was ‘stressful and that he ‘complained about his boss’. 

Samuel Cassidy San Jose VTA rail yard shooting
Sam James Cassidy San Jose VTA rail yard shooting.

Set home on fire along with second site before driving to work to unleash venom

Reports told of Samuel Cassidy setting fire to his own home which stands on Angmar Court before going on the shooting rampage minutes later at the rail yard.

‘It would appear as if the fire was set as the shooter was on his way to the worksite,’ San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said in a statement. A bomb squad was present at the shooting location after police received information about explosive devices inside the VTA building. 

From the time shots were heard at the VTA yard, San Jose firefighters responded to an emergency call and rushed to a home about 10 miles away from the shooting location. Cassidy’s home near 1100 Angmar Ct. was up in flames and firefighters could smell an accelerant when they arrived, according to sources. Investigators believe there was ammunition inside the home and they are trying to figure out if there is a connection between the fire and the shooting, San Jose County Sheriff’s Deputy Russell Davis said. 

A second fire believed to be started by Cassidy was reported at a plywood and lumber business at the same time. It remained unclear how or why that business was targeted.

To date the identity of the victims, many of whom were shot while attending a union meeting at the light rail facility were not made. It remained unclear whether the co-workers were indiscriminately set upon or targeted. It continued to remain unclear what may have motived Wednesday’s blood bath.

Of disconcert, the massacre in San Jose is the 232nd mass shooting recorded in America in just the first five months of this year. As of this time in 2020, the U.S. saw only 135 mass shootings.