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Lancaster CA dad forced siblings to look at beheaded teen brother & sister as dad charged

Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr.
Pictured, Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr. Lancaster, California father and the two children he decapitated.
Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr.
Pictured, Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr. Lancaster, California father and the two children he decapitated.

Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr. Lancaster, California father charged with murder after decapitating teen daughter & teen son. Gruesome details emerge. 

Macabre details involving a Lancaster, California man has been revealed as the father of four was formally charged with murder after allegedly decapitating his 13 year old teenage daughter and 12-year-old son along with abusing his two other younger sons.

Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr., 34, faces two felony counts each of murder and child abuse under circumstances or conditions likely to cause great bodily injury or death, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

Taylor, a personal trainer was charged with fatally stabbing Maurice, 12, and his older sister, Maliaka, 13, on November 29 in Lancaster. It was five days before their ‘rotting’ bodies were found, according to NBC Los Angeles.

During this time his other two boys, ages eight and nine, were allegedly shown their siblings’ bodies and forced to stay in their bedrooms without food, prosecutors said. Reports also told told of the children’s mother also being at the home.

Prosecutors allege the ‘brutal stabbings’ taking place at the family home on Nov. 29.

What motivated ‘mellow’ & ‘reliable’ father? 

Taylor worked at a physical therapy center in Santa Monica but had been conducting training sessions online during the coronavirus pandemic. The trainer’s failure to turn up to some of his bookings led to ‘concerned’ clientele reaching out to authorities.

Authorities made the gruesome discovery while responding to reports of a possible gas leak at a property on the 45000 block of Century Circle, where children were found in separate bedrooms with lacerations and stab wounds.  

Taylor was ordered held in lieu of $4.2 million bail.

It is unknown what motivated the attack and the incident remains under investigation, however, Taylor’s personal training clients told the LA Times they had grown concerned over his well-being earlier in the week.

The fitness trainer, who was described as ‘mellow’ and ‘reliable’, had sparked concerns when he failed to show up for fitness sessions he had been running over Zoom

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was called to the single-story home at around 7.50am following neighbor’s concern of a stench which they had believed to be a possible gas leak.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said both victims had been decapitated and described the scene as ‘brutal’.  

Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr.
Maurice Jewel Taylor Sr. beheads 13 year old daughter, Maliaka (left) and 12 year old son, Maurice (right).

No sign of gas leak

‘LA County Sheriff’s deputies responded out to the location and saw that there were two individuals inside, both very young, possibly in their teenage years, deceased,’ Lt. Dean told reporters at the scene Friday morning. 

‘One appears to be a male, one appears to be a female, possibly suffering from some type of a sharp trauma, either stabbing or slicing device.’ 

Dean said there was no sign of a gas leak at the property.  

‘It doesn’t seem to be that the cause of death from the two people inside have anything to do with a gas leak,’ he said.  

Mayor Parris said he believes the fallout from the pandemic had created a stressful environment. 

‘What I’m seeing is more and more people feeling desperate, and that can only have one result,’ he said, according to the Times. 

A property owner in the area told the Times he thought only two children lived in the home. 

He said the home environment ‘looked strange’ with the family keeping themselves to themselves and the windows were often ‘blacked out’ in a neighborhood where most others would stop and chat outside. 

If convicted, Taylor faces a possible maximum sentence of more than 57 years to life in state prison. The father of four now awaits formal arraignment Dec. 21 at the Lancaster courthouse.