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DJ Erick Morillo dead, 4 weeks after sex assault arrest

DJ Erick Morillo suicide
DJ Erick Morillo suicide. Image via social media.
DJ Erick Morillo suicide
DJ Erick Morillo suicide. Image via social media.

DJ Erick Morillo suicide? Did music producer kill self ahead of sexual assault hearing after DNA tests came back positive for rape kit? Struggles with addiction & redemption. Toxic masculinity, God complex on & off the dance floor? 

World renown DJ and music producer Erick Morillo has died aged 49, less than a month after he was arrested on sexual assault charges.  

Morillo was found dead at his home in Miami Beach on Tuesday morning by officers responding to a 911 call, according to local police. 

The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear but authorities said there were no apparent signs of foul play. Authorities declined to say whether the man’s death was the result of suicide or natural causes. 

Morillo’s cause of death will be determined will be determined by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office- WSVN reported.

The Colombian-American artist first gained prominence with his smash 1990’s electro-dance hit, ‘I Like To Move It’. Morillo went on to win the DJ Awards’ ‘Best House DJ’ and ‘Best International DJ’ titles three times. 

Dead 3 days before sex assault hearing

Morillo’s family confirmed his passing to People, saying: ‘He was well-loved by his family and he had a lot of love to give.’

Morillo’s death comes less than four weeks after he was arrested in Miami on August 6 and charged with sexual battery after a rape kit allegedly came back positive for his DNA

He was set to appear in court on Friday.  

Morillo had denied the allegations made against him by a fellow female DJ who claimed he raped her at his home in December 2019. 

Police said that Morillo and the female DJ had been hired to work a private event and went back to his house for drinks afterwards with another unidentified female. 

According to the police report, the alleged victim told authorities that Morillo ‘made several advances towards her, some sexual in nature, but she refused all of his attempts’.

The victim said in the report that she took an Uber to his home and put on a bathing suit to go swimming when she got there but felt uncomfortable after he made advances so she changed back, according to the Miami New Times. 

She said- he said.

She told police that he apologized so she decided to stay and later went to sleep alone somewhere in the house.

The victim claimed she woke up ‘nude on the bed and that Morillo was ‘standing on the side of the bed also nude.’ Following the alleged assault, the victim said she was in pain and called 911 to report being raped. 

She was taken to a rape-treatment facility and had a rape kit done. The results of that kit came back this week positive for Morillo’s DNA, police said.     

Miami Beach police had responded to the scene of the incident following the 911 call and Morillo told them he had already ‘spoken with his attorney prior to their arrival,’ according to the Miami New Times.

In his recorded statement, Morillo denied that he raped the woman but told cops that he did have sex with the second woman who had also gone back to his house for drinks.  

According to the report, the second woman told investigators that she slept on the couch and didn’t see anything. 

Struggles with self & identity

In the years before his death Morillo was open about his struggles with ketamine and alcohol addiction, which he said he had overcome in 2017.  

‘I went to rehab three times and even after all three I never gave up alcohol,’ Morillo told Skiddle. ‘That was what seemed to keep pulling me under. So, besides the fact that I hurt so many people, I think the most difficult part was coming to the realization that I was going to have to go completely sober.’

‘It was a scary thing because you think life is going to be boring then,’ he continued.  ‘What’s life going to be like if I can’t drink and if I can’t go to a place where there’s drinking?

‘You stop worrying about the future and you start focusing on the right now. So, the beginning of being completely sober was the hardest part. Once I had six months under my belt it was very easy.’

At the time Morillo revealed that he was going to therapy and was happy about where his life was at.  

‘I’ve accomplished so much in my career and I’m happy about who I am today,’ he said. 

DJ Erick Morillo suicide
Social media responds to presumed DJ Erick Morillo suicide.

‘I don’t have to be the biggest, the greatest, the youngest. These were just pressures I put on myself: “Oh my God, that’s it, my career is over!” 

‘I did it to myself. Because I didn’t talk to anybody those ideas were just stuck in my head and that made me depressed and made me want to use. Now I don’t feel like that.’

Morillo continued playing shows up until the pandemic struck, shutting down nightlife venues around the country. 

On July 24 he posted a photo of himself (see lead photo above) on Facebook performing with the caption: ‘I miss going to work.’ Indeed ….