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Broward County women trafficked teens for sex, ‘2 girl special’

Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams
Pictured, Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams arrested during
Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams
Pictured, Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams arrested during Broward County Human Trafficking sting operation. Images via police bookings.

Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams charged w/ sex trafficking – pimping, minor teen girls. Offered undercover cops special 2 girl special. 

Two Florida women, aged 19 and 21, allegedly sold two missing underage girls for sex, setting up trysts at hotels and Airbnbs after sharing illicit photos of their victims online. The two women were arrested following an undercover investigation by the Broward County Human Trafficking Task Force.

Kiara Nunez, 21, of Hollywood, and Alexandra Ramirez, 19, of Coral Springs, are accused of trafficking children for sex across South Florida between October 2019 and February 2020.

Feds say Nunez and Ramirez groomed their young victims for prostitution and trained them to spot and flirt with their potential Johns but, that wasn’t making much money.

So, they took the operation online, forcing their teen victims, including a 15 year old girl,  to pose without clothes for advertisements for sex, and to help negotiate their prices. The girls according to local10.com were subsequently ‘rented out’ to Airbnb destinations almost a dozen times to meet clients. 

During the two month sting, investigators said nearly two dozen Airbnb’s were booked along with hotel rooms.

‘two-girl special’ involving the 15-year-old girl

In one alleged encounter, Nunez struck a deal with an undercover cop for a ‘two-girl special’ involving the 15-year-old girl, telling him the victim was ‘new’.

When one girl said she didn’t want to take part, her alleged abusers plied her with pills, and they threatened one girl they would go after her family if she told cops about the abuse, authorities said. 

The net closed in on the sex trafficking operation when an undercover officer responded to an online advertisement and negotiated with Nunez for a ‘two-girl special’ for $250, according to a criminal complaint.

After speaking to Nunez about paying for sex with girls over the phone, the undercover cop met Nunez and the 15-year-old victim at a Fort Lauderdale hotel on January 29, the complaint says

When the cop arrived, he said the child, who had been reported missing by her family, went straight into the bathroom. 

Nunez then allegedly told the officer the girl was ‘new’ and ‘gets nervous’ and they agreed on a price of $250 for her.

The suspected child sex trafficker then showed him multiple videos of other girls ‘in provocative and undressed poses’ on her phone, authorities said.

Minors were coerced and told their families would be threatened if they told authorities

One of the girls for sale in the footage was identified as another child who had run away from home and had been reported missing by her family.

She was later rescued by authorities.  

A search of Nunez’s phone unearthed incriminating messages between Nunez and Ramirez, where they sent illicit photos of the second girl to each other to use to sell her, the criminal affidavit states.

Evidence of Nunez arranging trysts between clients and the two underage girls was also found on the phone, it states.  

The 15-year-old victim told cops Nunez had threatened to go after her family if she reported the abuse to the police, according to court records.  

She also told officers how the two women would rent hotel rooms and Airbnbs throughout Broward County and Lake Worth and send her in Uber and Lyft cars to meet clients there. 

Kiara Nunez & Alexandra Ramirez Florida madams
Ramirez (pictured) and Nunez allegedly sold two missing underage girls for sex.

‘customers were complaining that the girl looks scared,’

The second victim told officers about one occasion where Nunez and Ramirez allegedly took her and the 15-year-old to an ‘unknown location in Lake Worth’ and grew frustrated when only one man known as ‘John’ turned up. 

She said her abusers then forced her to pose for risque nude photos to use as adverts and, when she refused, threatened to abandon her in Lake Worth, court records show. 

Nunez and Ramirez later took down the photos of the girl taken that day ‘because customers were complaining that the girl looks scared,’ according to the court documents. 

The two victims also claim Ramirez ‘dressed [them] up’ and took them to Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, telling them to ‘approach and solicit’ men, according to the affidavit.  

It is not clear how old the second victim is other than that she is a child. 

The age of consent in the state of Florida is 18. 

Nunez and Ramirez were arrested Monday and appeared in federal court in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday charged with child sex trafficking. 

Ramirez sobbed as she appeared in court via video conference where she was told she would remain behind bars at least until her detention hearing on Friday.  

‘Please, wait. Please,’ the 19-year-old alleged madam begged Magistrate Judge Jared Strauss. ‘Please help me.’

The judge changed the hearing to 8am Thursday to determine whether the two women can be released pending trial. 

Nunez has a long rap sheet including charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and drug and traffic offenses. 

The suspects each face up to life in prison if convicted. 

Their case is scheduled to be back before a judge on Thursday.