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Idaho music teacher fired for saying Boise mayor should get laid by BLM members

Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher
Pictured, Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher
Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher
Pictured, Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher

Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher fired after posting sexually & racially charged comments on Facebook regarding Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. West Ada school district declines to say if woman was fired or if she resigned. 

An Idaho music teacher who said that Boise’s mayor should ‘get laid’ by Black Lives Matter members is no longer employed after allegedly been fired.

Rita Soltesz, who formerly taught at the Idaho Fine Arts Academy and Eagle Middle School, was purportedly sacked by the West Ada School district following the ‘sexually and racially charged,’ comment about Mayor Lauren McLean, a spokesman told the Idaho Statesman.

Soltesz, whose last day was Friday, was widely criticized after district officials and parents were notified by the educator’s July 18 Facebook post referencing McLean’s public condemnation of white supremacists who attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Boise, where some demonstrators were assaulted, the newspaper reports.

‘Her white supremacist hater a– needs to get laid! … by BLM members,’ Soltesz’s post read. ‘Should be a group activity … and make it go viral! … I’m still deciding if they should wear masks during the activity.’

Soltez’s controversial comment was a reply to an article detailing a recall campaign against McLean after she criticized white supremacists who disrupted the Black Lives Matter protest, the Statesman reports.

Rita Soltesz Boise
Rita Soltesz Boise music teacher Facebook comment lands educator afoul of West Ada school district.

Teacher bio and details removed from district website last week

Another Facebook user took screenshots of the post and sent it to the Idaho Fine Arts Academy’s Facebook page, KTVB reports. School officials later said the district would be taking ‘immediate action’.

District officials will now ‘need to reiterate’ its social media guidelines following Soltesz’s post, school district official Eric Exline told KBOI.

The Board of Trustees made a decision July 24 during a special meeting regarding Soltesz’s ‘engagement’ at the school. Exline did not specify whether she was terminated or resigned voluntarily.

Her bio and details had already been removed the district website last week.

‘We have received a number of emails from concerned parents and we share their concerns,’ Exline said. ‘The statements in the post don’t reflect the values of the West Ada School District.’

And then there were these responses on social media too.

Posted one commentator on Facebook: Her comments were not “human”, but unkind and vulgar. And yes, teachers have to hold themselves to a higher standard in public. We get very little respect as it is.’

While another contemplated: ‘I agree with freedom of speech..I also agree that employers have social media policies and that the people we hire to teach our kids should be held to those. She had a right to say what she did, and she also has the right to deal with the consequences!’