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Florida boy thought teacher would fail him if he didn’t have sex with her

Meghan Mary Rodriguez
Pictured, Meghan Mary Rodriguez Florida teacher at
Meghan Mary Rodriguez
Pictured, Meghan Mary Rodriguez Florida teacher at Navarre High School.

Meghan Mary Rodriguez Florida Navarre High School teacher arrested after luring teen boy to have sex with her. Victim feared failing if he didn’t comply. 

A married high school teacher in Florida has been arrested after a student claimed he thought the educator would fail him if he refused to have sex with her.

Meghan Mary Rodriguez, 37, allegedly began a relationship with her 17-year-old victim through platonic text messages that eventually turned to sexual and led to an encounter last summer in a classroom at Navarre High School.

The boy eventually told his parents what happened because he told her he wasn’t interested in continuing a romantic relationship and he was worried she ‘would fail him’.

According to the student’s account, he had unprotected sex with Rodriguez in 2019 because she told him she was infertile, Weartv.com reports.

The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous tip on March 3. 

When confronted at the school by an investigator on March 3, Rodriguez said she ‘needed an attorney’. But as the person was leaving the school grounds Rodriguez called him back to the principal’s office to ask what might happen next, according to the arrest report. 

‘Meghan asked me what was going to happen next,’ the investigator later wrote in a report. 

‘I explained to her I still had an investigation to conduct and at the conclusion of my investigation she could have a warrant for her arrest. She then asked me what the less extreme outcome could be.

‘I told her the less extreme is nothing happens,’ he continued to write. ‘Meghan then asked me if there was a middle ground.’

The same day Rodriguez reportedly denied to a school administrator that she had sex with the student but admitted they kissed.

The next day on March 4, police interviewed Rodriguez’s husband who said he had seen a message come through on his wife’s phone from the student, in which he referred to her as a ‘cute teacher’.

Rodriguez’s spouse told investigators that when he saw her texting the student, he did not think it was appropriate.

During an interview with police on April 28, the victim said Rodriguez was getting increasingly involved in his personal life and favored him among the other students.

He grew worried about his grades when during a trip to Orlando, Rodriguez allegedly told him another teacher, Suzanne Wilcox didn’t like him because she knew he had hurt Rodriguez’s feelings and had an idea that they were romantically involved.

The student claimed Rodriguez was so angry and frustrated at him that she cleared six people from a hotel room so they could talk for 15 minutes about his feelings for her.

He told investigators that he admitted he has no feelings for her, prompting her to bring up their encounter last summer and for her to ask if he thought she was a ‘slut’.

The victim maintains that Rodriguez initiated the encounter. ‘(The student) insisted that this only occurred once and he regretted it afterwards,’ the arrest report said.

Rodriguez quit her job at the Santa Rosa County institution on May 28.

‘It was under investigation, and she chose to leave our employment,’ Connie Carnley, the school district’s assistant superintendent for human resources told Pensacola News Journal.

She was booked into the local jail on the second-degree felony charge of sexual assault on a minor on June 11. The educator remains held without bond.

Not immediately clear is what led to the educator abusing her position of trust, authority and power to sexually prey on her teen male victim.