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South Carolina teen girl, 13, sexually assaulted on Facebook Live

Tasheen A. Walker and Jonah D. Fishburne
Pictured, Tasheen A. Walker and Jonah D. Fishburne.
Tasheen A. Walker and Jonah D. Fishburne
Pictured, Jonah D. Fishburne and Tasheen A. Walker (from left to right).

Tasheen Walker and Jonah Fishburne arrested after sexually assaulting 13 year old South Carolina teen girl with diminished mental capacity on Facebook Live along with 3 others. 

South Carolina police have arrested two men in connection to the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl with ‘diminished mental capacity,’ and the sharing of the assault on social media.

Tasheen A. Walker, 20, and Jonah D. Fishburne, 18, were detained late on Monday and charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. 

The duo are still being held at the Charleston County Detention Center, KATU reports.  

The North Charleston Police Department stated being alerted of the alleged sexual assault after multiple people began reporting a Facebook Live video. 

Police asked for anyone who had information to call authorities. Details were provided by multiple sources, which led police to an abandoned building. 

There, they found the victim and her mother. Both were described as being visibly upset. 

Tasheen Walker and Jonah Fishburne
Pictured, Tasheen Walker and Jonah Fishburne. Police bookings.

Three remaining suspects at large: 

An officer asked the victim what happened and she said that she was walking to her grandmother’s house after hanging out with her boyfriend, when a group of five guys asked her to hang out with them. 

The victim told police that the men grabbed her and forced her into the house, where they then began assaulting her in the basement of the home. 

Police said the victim identified Walker and Fishburne, adding that she didn’t recognize the other three. The other three men had left the area by the time police arrived. 

The teen was taken to a local hospital, where she received treatment. 

Police are asking that people not share the video as it shows illicit images. Sharing the video, images or links to it, is a crime. 

Anyone with any information that could lead to arrests for the three remaining suspects has been asked to contact Sgt. Jonathan Glenn at glenn@northcharleston.