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Arkansas man raped 12 year old girl 100 times since car seat (until mom found out)

Tony Kiah Caver
Pictured, Arkansas man, Tony Kiah Caver and his Spring HIlls residence.
Tony Kiah Caver
Pictured, Arkansas man, Tony Kiah Caver and his Hot Springs residence.

Tony Kiah Caver, Hot Springs, Arkansas man alleged to have repeatedly raped 12 year old girl over course of years, starting from her sitting in car seat- arrested. 

An Arkansas man accused of repeatedly raping a 12-year-old girl over the course of several years was last week arrested at his Hot Springs residence after the victim’s mother claiming she last month caught the man sexually assaulting her daughter. 

Tony Kiah Caver, 37 upon being taken into custody was charged with rape of a minor. 

Caver was being held without bond and had been scheduled to appear in Garland County District Court on Monday, October 7, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.

The media outlet reported the girl’s mother reporting the purported rape of her daughter to the Hot Springs Police Department, September 30, saying she found a text message on her daughter’s phone sent to another friend which alluded to the 12 year old girl being sexually assaulted. 

According to the probable cause affidavit, when the mother confronted her daughter about the text, she revealed to her that Caver had been raping her at his residence for the longest time.

It was unclear how the young girl came to be at the man’s Hot Springs residence and the nature of the man’s relationship to the girl and her mother.

During a round of questioning at the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center the following day, the girl reportedly revealed Caver had, in fact, been raping her for years — all the way back to when she just ‘in a car seat’.

The 12-year-old also claimed Caver had openly admitted to her that he was a pedophile who ‘can’t help who he likes’ and that he ‘does like kids’.

But there’s more.

The alleged victim revealed she’d also seen several sexually explicit images and videos of children on Caver’s computer. She also claimed the man had raped her ‘more than 100 times’.

Police executed a search warrant at Caver’s residence on October 2 and made contact with him. When officers informed him they were there to investigate allegations of a minor being raped, Caver reportedly mentioned the 12-year-old victim and asked if it was about her.

Caver reportedly allowed authorities to scan his computer. According to officers who were at the scene, he made a statement referring to them saying, ‘It doesn’t matter, they are going to find everything they need anyway.’

Unclear is how Caver continued to sexually assault his child victim without the girl’s mother previously finding out or coming across signs of physical trauma.

If convicted, the man could spend the rest of his life behind bars.