Home Scandal and Gossip Jessica Jaymes adult actress found dead at home: Cause of death mystery

Jessica Jaymes adult actress found dead at home: Cause of death mystery

Jessica Jaymes Porn Star
Pictured, Jessica Jaymes Porn Star.
Jessica Jaymes Porn Star
Pictured, Jessica Jaymes Porn Star.

Jessica Jaymes porn star found dead at San Fernando, California home: Cause of death mystery- as adult entertainer’s health continued to deteriorate and hooked on prescription drugs.

Porn star Jessica Jaymes, who appeared in more than 200 adult films and was once Hustler magazine’s ‘Honey of the Year,’ has been found dead at her home in California, according to reports.

Jaymes – real name, Jessica Redding – was found unconscious at home at 4 p.m. Tuesday when her business partner checked on her at home in the San Fernando Valley, he confirmed to adult video site AVN.

He said she appeared to have been dead ‘for like at least 12 hours’ — although it could have been far longer because she had been MIA ‘for like four, five, six days,’ he said.

‘I called the police, they came, they checked to be sure that nobody tried to rob her or tried to kill her — they said that there was no foul play,’ the unidentified partner added.

‘The coroner came to pick up the body and now they’re doing an autopsy to see if it was a heart attack or she had a seizure … I don’t know. She’s just gone.’

Initial reports said Jaymes was 43, although online bios also list her as 38 or 40.

Increasingly dependent on prescription pills

The LA County Coroner announced an autopsy into the adult entertainer’s death was pending Fox News reported. Authorities found various prescription drugs there, TMZ reported.

‘She had a lot of health issues, she kept having seizures in the past six months—she was around the medication for the seizures,’ the business partner told AVN, which inducted Jaymes into its Hall of Fame last year.

‘It looks like she probably had a seizure yesterday or the day before. It’s horrible,’ the partner said.

He claimed Jaymes being plagued by health woes and fearing she would die young.

‘I was like, ‘When is going to be her time?’ Because I knew it was coming,’ he told the site.

‘She was so unhealthy, so many problems, health issues with her back, her nerve system, the seizures in the past six months.

‘I was just waiting. It was a question of time. She was so young.’

Adult entertainer reinvents herself as social media and reality star: 

Jaymes started doing soft porn in 2002, with her ‘big break’ coming with Hustler two years later, going on to get the mag’s ‘Honey of the Year’ award in 2005.

She went on to appear in over 200 adult films — and later appeared as herself on several episodes of the Showtime series ‘Weeds’ as well as on ‘Celebrity Rehab Sober House.’

Jessica – who just last week told her almost 1M Instagram followers she had been on vacation – also appeared on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab Sober House’ and HBO’s ‘Vivid Valley.’

Jaymes who was born in Anchorage, Alaska before attending New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico and then graduating from Rio Salado Community College. She was a fourth through sixth grade teacher for 3 years before becoming an adult film actress.

The adult entertainer’s death has since led to social media users speculating that Jaymes was the latest victim in the adult entertainment industry which ‘tosses’ woman aside after having been used up and discarded and left to fend for themselves- despite her nevertheless ‘finding a career’ on the reality circuit in recent years.