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Manhattan model accuses former Afghan defense minister son (and ex fiance) of raping her

Sarah Goolden NYC model
Pictured, Sarah Goolden NYC model. Image via social media.
Sarah Goolden NYC model.
Pictured Manhattan fashion model, Sarah Goolden. Image via social media.

Manhattan model Sarah Goolden accuses former Afghan defense minister son (and ex fiance) – Hamed Wardak of raping her in filed lawsuit. 

A Manhattan based fashion model has accused the son of a former Afghan defense minister son of raping her according to a filed lawsuit.

In her suit, Sarah Goolden, 29, who according to a nypost exclusive has ‘modeled everything’ from lacy underwear to designer clothes, accuses Hamed Wardak of attacking her twice during a trip the two took to Miami on July 4th weekend, 2018.

‘You’re just a little blonde model. Who will believe you?’ the woman claims Wardak told her afterward, according to a suit she filed against him in Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit.

Wardak, a Georgetown University grad whose father, Abdul Rahim Wardak, served in former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s cabinet until 2012, is described as a night club partier who’s not shy about spreading his vast stashes of money around (when he’s not profiting sell war armaments). 

Hamed Wardak Afghanistan
Pictured, Hamed Wardak Afghanistan party boy who managed to whisk Goolden with his charm….

Alleged lawsuit is without merit claims Wardak’s lawyer:

According to Goolden, she met the questionable high roller through a friend a decade ago when she was a Washington D.C. college student.

‘He bought me gifts,’ Goolden explained via the nypost. ‘Of course, he always told me there were no strings attached. He uses his money as a tool to influence almost everybody in his life.’

In the same way a fashion model may use her stunning looks to solicit the attention and material affections from male admirers one imagines….

Responding to Goolden’s accusations, Wardak’s lawyer, Alexis Fields, calls the fashion model’s claims as entirely false,’ while accused her of ‘attempting to manipulate the current political and anti-immigrant climate to her tactical advantage.’

Sarah Goolden NYC model
Pictured, Goolden. Image via social media.

From threatening to leave to accepting a marriage proposal all within one weekend:

Goolden concedes dating Wardak, 43, after years of him courting her, but a month into the romance, Wardak allegedly became violent during the 4th of July long weekend according to the lawsuit.

Wardak — who in 2009 inked a $360 million Defense Department contract to transport Army supplies in Afghanistan — according to the model, falsely accused her of cheating, at one point ‘screaming and pulling her by her hair’ and yanking her out of bed, according to the lawsuit.

The next day she tried to leave, but was thwarted when the building’s elevators stopped working, Goolden alleged.

Wardak is said to have apologized, with the pair going out later that day with friends. As the group ‘boozed it up’, Wardak publicly proposed, she alleged.

Fearing another violent outburst if she said no in front of his entourage, Goolden accepted the model insists.

But here’s where it gets frothy.

Sarah Goolden NYC model
Pictured, Sarah Goolden NYC model during 4th of July, 2018 revelries. Image via social media.

‘I was terrified’: 

The woman insists she then tried to break things off privately, insisting according to her suit, only for Wardak to hold her down and sexually assault her, according to the lawsuit.

‘It’s a romantic night … You should want to be alone with your fiance,’ Wardak allegedly told her.

‘I was terrified,’ the model told the nypost. 

From marriage proposal to sexual assault all within a world wind long weekend getaway…

And the drama continues.

Sarah Goolden NYC model
Sarah Goolden

Wardak arrested for stalking and breaking order of protection: 

Goolden was able to leave two days later, only for Wardak to allegedly threaten to ‘ruin’ her life, have her followed, ‘make her look like a con-artist,’ with the man allegedly claiming he would file litigation to drown her in legal fees, according to court papers.

Since the alleged attack, Wardak filed two lawsuits against Goolden, one accusing her of faking their relationship in a bid to get money, and a second seeking the return of $20,000 he claims he paid for her sick dog.

Which is to say wonder who knew dogs could become so sick and expensive? 

The ‘hounded’ model insists her ex has spent the past year since stalking her, and records show he’s been arrested twice in Manhattan for violating an order of protection Goolden obtained against him.

Wardak ‘is a sick person … and he needs to be stopped,’ said Gooldens’ attorney Walker Harman.

‘This has been the most traumatic thing I’ve ever gone through,’ Goolden told via the nypost. ‘It’s a nightmare that will not end.’

Or will it?

Not immediately clear is the amount of money Goolden was seeking from her former admirer and fiance.

Sarah Goolden NYC model
Sarah Goolden NYC model, ‘when your love-life is too good to be true…. and other insights…..’