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Deltona man posts sex tape of ex girlfriend in revenge for neglecting his dogs

Jonathon Stokes Deltona sex tape
Jonathon Stokes Deltona sex tape
Jonathon Stokes Deltona sex tape
Jonathon Stokes Deltona sex tape

Deltona, Florida man arrested after posting sex tape of his ex girlfriend on Snapchat in revenge for her not taking care of his pets. 

Florida man has been arrested after allegedly posting a sex tape depicting his ex-girlfriend in revenge for the woman not looking after his pets while he was out of town. 

Jonathon Stokes, 26, from Deltona, was booked into the Volusia County Jail on Monday, charged with a count of sexual cyber-harassment. He has since been freed after posting $1,500 surety bond the NewsDaytonaBeach reported. 

According to the charging affidavit, Stokes was arrested around 9.14pm on Tuesday, after a sheriff’s deputy responded to a home in the 1500 block of Naples Circle in Deltona for a complaint involving revenge porn.

A woman told the officer that her ex-boyfriend, Stokes, had posted videos of them having sex on social media without her consent.

The ex-girlfriend said that she had agreed to watch Stokes’ dogs while he was out of town, but she said the man did not believe she was caring for the animals and began posting ‘angry posts on his Snapchat story,’ according to the charging documents.

The woman told the deputy that Stokes also made posts threatening to upload a sex tape of the two of them.

Deltona sex tape.
Pictured, Jonathon Stokes Deltona, Florida man. Police bookings via Volusia County Police.

Jonathon Stokes Deltona man history of law infractions:

According to the woman, in the past she had agreed to let Stokes record the two of them having intercourse, but stressed that ‘she did not agree to Jonathon posting it on Snapchat,’ the affidavit stated according to the dailymail.

The woman then showed the officers the video on Stokes’ Snapchat depicting her and her ex having sex, and declared that she wished to press charges against him.

The deputy then headed over to Stokes’ home in the 1800 block of Bonkirk Drive and confronted him about his ex-girlfriend’s allegations.

According to the affidavit, the 26-year-old suspect initially claimed that he only posted angry rants about his former lover, and showed the deputy his Snapchat story devoid of intimate videos.

Stokes later admitted that he had posted the video, but then removed it on the advice of a friend.

He also conceded that his ex-girlfriend never agreed to his posting the sex tape online.

‘Jonathan advised he did it out of spite,’ the affidavit reads.

Stokes made his first court appearance on Tuesday afternoon. His arraignment is scheduled to take place on August 20.

But there’s more.

According to court records, this was not Stoke’s first run-in with the law: he was arrested in November 2013 for assaulting his grandmother and resisting arrest, and in January 2014 he was collared for marijuana possession.

Deltona sex tape
Deltona sex tape. Pictured the suspect.