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Sycamore teacher teen victim: ‘I’m completely in love’

Jennifer Walsh Sycamore teacher sentenced
Jennifer Walsh sentencing. Pictured former Sycamore, Ohio school teacher.
Jennifer Walsh sentencing
Jennifer Walsh sentencing. Pictured former Sycamore, Ohio school teacher.

Jennifer Walsh sentencing: A former Sycamore High School teacher teen victim professes love for a female educator she had physical relationship with in Cincinnati, Ohio court. 

An Ohio teen has told of being ‘completely in love’ with a former special education teacher facing prison time for sex acts with her.

The female student — who police in Montgomery said was 17 years old when she engaged in sex acts last summer with Jennifer Walsh, a 27-year-old former teacher at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati – told a judge that she never ‘felt forced or coerced’ in the sexual relationship they had, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

‘I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt,’ the student told Hamilton County Judge Jody Luebbers, adding that their romance was ‘willing, on both ends.’

The statements come as Luebbers is set to sentence Walsh after the former Sycamore teacher pled guilty to gross sexual imposition in June. 

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Walsh resigned in October after police got a tip about the educator, who also coached girls’ lacrosse at the school. The former teacher became emotional and cried in court as the student testified Wednesday the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. 

The lead investigator in the case, meanwhile, also asked Luebbers for leniency, saying the circumstances surrounding Walsh and the student were unique and that their mutual affection was genuine.

‘This relationship, I believe, was actually real,’ Montgomery Police Det. Steve Hoy told Luebbers. ‘It will probably continue to be real.’

Walsh pleaded guilty in June to gross sexual imposition and now faces up to 18 months in prison. But Luebbers said she wasn’t ready to hand down a sentence Wednesday after hearing testimony from the teen, the lead detective and Walsh’s mother.

‘I just need … more time,’ Luebbers said before delaying Walsh’s sentencing until Friday.

Not immediately understood is if the sentencing judge would be seeking leniency had the genders of the victim and predator being reversed.