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CBD and my Cat: What should I know before giving my pet CBD oil?

Giving my pet CBD oil
Giving my pet CBD oil: alternative animal health care.
Giving my pet CBD oil
Giving my pet CBD oil: alternative animal health care. Stock image.

Giving CBD oil to your pet: How CBD benefits also extend to animals, from moderating health issues, old age, anxiety and proper application of alternative animal health.

Giving CBD to your pets can be a fantastic way to help with the management of a number of potential health or welfare issues. But making sure that you are safe and responsible when it comes to managing their treatment can be intimidating; especially with so many options on the market.

So, here’s our short guide to how CBD products can potentially help with your cat-care and some key considerations to bear in mind when managing your moggy.

How can CBD help your Pet?

Modern reporting has repeatedly highlighted the potential benefits of taking CBD, but these can equally apply to your animals as well. Whether you’re dealing with an energetic kitten or a distinguished older lady, using CBD as a supplement to their food can help deal with a spectrum of complaints.

These include:

Managing Old Age:

With an average lifespan of 15 years, cats are not only long-lived but dedicated companions. Seeing your pert go through the aches and pains of old age can be difficult. Responsibly using CBD to can help with pain management and mobility issues that could dramatically reduce the quality of life of such a nimble pet.

Moderating Medical Issues

Studies have shown that CBD can help with the treatment of seizures stemming from epilepsy in humans . Its ability to help with pain relief can also make it useful for managing old injuries or mistreatment if you have taken in a rescue.

Handling Anxiety

Any disruption to your pet’s schedule can be traumatic, something that can be particularly affecting for intelligent, territorial animals like cats. CBD can be great for treating nervous pets that have to tolerate intrusions in their home or separation anxiety if your house cat is unavoidably alone for some of the day. However, it is important to know that it is perfectly normal for young pets to have lots of energy and using medication to treat ˜’hyperactivity’ is not advised. Take time to play with your cat and tire them out before resorting to treating the ‘condition’ with CBD.

Giving my pet CBD oil
Giving my pet CBD oil: What to be aware of.

What should I know about CBD and my cat

While responsibly giving animals CBD should be complication free, it is important to realize that cats present some potential complications and considerations.

THC Sensitivity

While all CBD products contain 0.2% THC by law , felines are especially sensitive to substance which can poison or kill them. While any legal product is well within safe limits, always check the THC content on the item you have chosen and make sure that if you are using any other infused products, they are safely stored away from your pet in an airtight container.

Delivery Medium

Very much like herding them, giving a dose of CBD to your cat can feel almost impossible says THC Sensitivity: While all CBD products contain www.cbdresource.com . While mixing a drop or two with their dinner can be simple, if your pet is a fussy eater it can be hard to tell if they properly getting the dose they need. Placing your CBD oil on a small treat like a piece of ham can help make sure they are getting treatment they need and allow you to properly monitor the results.


It is vitally important to ensure that you provide a measure dose of CBD regularly and safely for your pet. This means that your treatment should be delivered at the same time every day and use established guidelines when it comes to choosing the amount of oil to give to them. As always, make sure you consult with your vet before starting any treatment and, if you are at all concerned, stop administering the CBD immediately and seek further professional guidance about how to dose safely and what other options may be available to you.