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‘I want u bby’ Maricopa, Goodyear teacher sentenced 20 years for molesting 13 year old student

Brittany Zamora sentenced
Brittany Zamora sentenced
Brittany Zamora sentenced
Brittany Zamora sentenced

Brittany Zamora sentenced to 20 years jail after having sex multiples times with 13 year old student she lured for physical gratification. 

A former Goodyear, Arizona teacher was on Friday sentenced to 20 years in prison for having sex multiple times with a 13-year-old student.

The sentence, was the minimum Brittany Zamora, 28 faced, The Arizona Republic reported.

‘I am a good and genuine person who made a mistake and regret it deeply,’ Zamora told the court in Maricopa County before sentencing, according to the media outlet. ‘I lived my life respecting and trying to obey every law. I’m not a threat to society by any means.’

Zamora a former sixth-grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy apologized to the victims of her actions, their kin and her own relatives. She told the judge that her actions were out of character and said she’d like to attend counseling. She said she wants to earn a new degree in prison so she can start another career when she is free once more.

The parents of the boy found out the married woman was having sex with their son after they began monitoring his phone with an app.

How a Goodyear teacher betrayed her position of power, authority and trust: 

Zamora was arrested in March 2018 and pleaded guilty last month to charges of sexual conduct with a minor, attempted molestation of a child and public sexual indecency.

On one occasion, Zamora asked an 11-year-old boy who was a friend of the 13-year-old to stand watch during an encounter in her classroom, prosecutors said.

‘Ms. Zamora lures these boys, earns their trust and then takes advantage of them purely to fill her own sexual desires,’ the mother of the boy who was asked to serve as a lookout said in court. ‘She used her position of power to molest a child.’

‘She’s a pedophile and no different than if a man were sitting in her place right now.’

The 13-year-old victim’s family members were not at the sentencing, but their statements were read by their lawyer, KVOA-TV reported.

The boy’s mother said she hated Zamora for what she’d done to her child.

Zamora has been behind bars since her arrest and will get credit for time served.

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