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Why? Memphis woman arrested after 2 videos show her raping 4 year old boy

Tamara Marion
Pictured, Memphis, Tennessee woman, Tamara Marion.
Tamara Marion
Pictured, Memphis, Tennessee woman, Tamara Marion.

Tamara Marion, Memphis, Tennessee woman arrested after video shared on social media showed her sexually abusing four year old boy. 

A Memphis, Tennessee woman has been arrested after videos shared on social media showed her abusing a four-year-old boy including performing a sex act on him.

Tamara Marion, 24, was identified by police as the woman in two videos posted online showing the rape and sexual exploitation of a minor.

The videos show Marion sexually assaulting the child as well as the child attempting to perform an act on her, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said in a released statement.

Police were made aware of the videos on Monday after receiving a tip that the assaults were being shared online, WREG reported.

One video reportedly showed Marion pushing the boy to the floor, removing his pants and placing his genitals in her mouth.

The second video showed the boy attempting to perform a different act on the same woman, police said. 

Information about the relationship between Marion and the child wasn’t clear.

Tamara Marion prior arrest in May: Related to sexual assault of child?

Not immediately clear is what preempted Marion to sexually abuse the child, film the indecent episodes and how the film clips came to be shared. Also not clear is whether there had been another individual who may have filmed the disturbing scenes.

Police have not revealed whether they are searching for additional suspects related to abuse captured on camera.

Marion remains in custody booked on multiple charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and felony rape of a child according to WMC-TV.

She was recently arrested in February after threatening to kill another woman in front of law enforcement while at court related to a vandalism charge, WREG reported. 

She was charged at that time with two counts of violating an order of protection and two counts of retaliation for past action (threats of bodily harm), related to threats made to two women who are said to be the victims in the vandalism case.

Authorities said Marion became ‘belligerent’ and ‘loud’ while stating, ‘she put these false charges on me. When I get out, I’m going to come back here and kill her.’

It is not clear whether the February episode is somehow related to the recent child abuse.