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$800: Fake instagram celebrity lures Texas teen- rapes her

Richard Brown
Pictured, Apopka, Texas man, Richard Brown.
Richard Brown
Pictured, Apopka, Texas man, Richard Brown.

Richard Brown: Apopka, Florida man pretends to be Instagram star where he lured teen girl to his parents house where he continuously raped her. 

A Florida man has been arrested and is facing child sex abuse charges after paying over $800 on an Uber to lure a teenage girl to Apopka on the pretenses that he was a ‘rich and famous’ Instagram influencer.

WFTV reported Richard Brown, 25, continuously raping his 17-year-old victim in his parents’ home. The ordeal lasted several days. The two first met on Instagram three months ago after Brown falsely claimed that he was a 19-year-old Instagram star and that he would ‘take care of her.’

The victim told Apopka police that Brown paid for an Uber to drive her from San Antonio, Texas to Baton Rouge, Lousiana. From Lousiana, she got into another Uber that dropped her off in Apopka, Florida on Sunday.

Richard Brown Apopka fake Instagram star: ‘We were only friends’.

According to arrest documents, Brown told police he was ‘only friends’ with the victim and thought that she was of age and ‘in need of a place to stay.’

The victim told cops that upon realizing that Brown had lied about his age and who he was she begged to go home, but, he allegedly told her, ‘no you owe me now for bringing you all the way here.’

She said she only escaped (on Thursday) because he was sleeping and was on Snapchat with her mother.

One neighbor couldn’t believe the accusations.

‘You might never know about it and now the cops are here,’ said Amanda Trail. ‘That’s crazy for the parents.’

‘We see several inconsistencies with this affidavit,’ said Brown’s attorney. ‘The victim said to police she met Mr. Brown through Instagram but somehow her account was hacked, couldn’t download the messages to show police.’

Brown currently faces six felony counts of child sex abuse: three charges of performing a sexual act on a 16 or 17-year-old child, three charges of sexual battery on a child aged 12-17, and one charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Brown remains in custody pending $40,000 bond.

Richard Brown: Apopka,
Richard Brown: Apopka, Florida man. Photo via Facebook.