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Oklahoma school secretary arrested over inappropriate relationship with 14 year old student (living at her home)

Elizabeth Madrid
Pictured: Elizabeth Madrid
Elizabeth Madrid
Pictured: Elizabeth Madrid

Elizabeth Madrid: Putnam City Schools Oklahoma secretary arrested after maintaining improper relationship with 14 year old boy- found living at her home.

A former Oklahoma school secretary has been arrested after allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a now 14-year-old student -beginning when the boy was just 12 years old.

Elizabeth Madrid, 29, was arrested on Friday after police brought nine charges of second-degree child rape and 21 counts of performing lewd acts with a child against her.

Bethany Police say the former attendance secretary at Western Oaks Elementary School began engaging with the alleged victim in early 2017 over text message.

Madrid and the unnamed boy first became physical last summer and were still said to be engaging in sexual activity until her arrest on Friday news9.com reported.

According to a search warrant affidavit, police conducted a search of Madrid’s home upon receiving a tip the victim had been living with her for two weeks.

Documents indicated the victim’s mother believing her son had been staying with his father during that time.

The child’s mother later contacted his father only to discover their son not living with his father.

‘He was a student at the time,’ Lieutenant Angelo Orefice of Bethany Police told News 4. ‘Eventually, it became a sexual relationship in June or July, 2018.’

Elizabeth Madrid: Forbidden to reach out to students on a personal basis.

Madrid worked at the Putnam City school from August 2016 until she resigned in May last year.

However, the school district’s communication police forbids teachers, coaches and staff members from texting students on a personal basis.

Exceptions only include confidential, medical or crisis matters, which must be disclosed to senior officials at the school before hand.

‘Everything is a case by case basis. It just depends on the severity of the relationship, so to speak,’ Orefice continued.

‘So, it’s not unordinary to have a lot of charges like this.’

Madrid was taken to the Oklahoma County jail where she remains in custody on a $550,000 bail bond.

Not immediately understood is what compelled the female school official to abuse her position of authority, trust and power and subjugate her male victim.