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‘Humiliated’ teen victim kills self after female teacher (allowed) to sexually prey on him

Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker
Pictured Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker.
 Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker
Pictured Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker.

Corbin Madison suicide: the family of a Nevada student are suing Elko County school officials after the teen killed himself after sexual assault at hands of teacher, Tennille Whitaker.

The family of a sexually abused teen boy have launched a lawsuit against a Nevada school district employer after the boy was sexually preyed on by his female teacher only for the ‘humiliated’ victim to take his own life.

Corbin Madison, 18, was one of four pupils abused by Tennille Whitaker. He was found with a gunshot wound in a truck one year after the married Nevada teacher was arrested.

In his suit against Elko County school officials, Corbin’s father, Terry, claims education bosses let the female teacher, ‘get away with the sexual acts not just with his son but other students too’.   

The lawsuit claims Corbin killed himself because of the ‘depression, humiliation and embarrassment’ triggered after being exploited and exposed by Whitaker according to The Elko Daily Free Press.

The 41 year old mother-of-two who taught elementary school for 11 years was jailed for 20 years last October on four counts of sexual conduct between a school employee and a pupil.

It emerged how she managed to abuse her victims by setting up a ‘private reading area’ in her classroom that could not be seen from the hallway or any outside windows. 

Whitaker had sex with four boys, who were all minors, and assign them jobs as aides. She would then have sex with the students during a non-teaching hour. 

Another victim, Brennen Hooper, told how a school worker caught Whitaker sitting on his knee.

Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker
Corbin Madison and Tennille Whitaker

Corbin Madison suicide: Lawsuit blames Elko County School District for failing to remove sexual predator

The lawsuit accuses Elko County School District of a ‘failure to address, prevent and/or remove known sexual predators from its ranks.’

It also alleges that former Wells High School principal Chris McAnany was warned six times between early 2016 and March 2017 that Whitaker was having ‘unlawful sexual relations with minor students.’

McAnany had been given warnings by a school district director, a custodial worker, a parent and two teachers.

The lawsuit says school officials ‘intentionally ignored multiple complaints regarding Whitaker that allowed Whitaker to sexually harass, molest and abuse children for several years.’ 

She gave them gifts, provided at least one alcohol in exchange for sexual gratification both on and off campus and sometimes drove them to hotels, the lawsuit said.

School district supervisory personnel and administration ‘had actual knowledge of Whitaker’s history of ‘grooming” and abusing minor students between September 2015 and June 2017, the suit said.

One school worker told of how they found Whitaker and a student the classroom with all the lights off and the door locked. 

The lawsuit said the district had a duty to protect the victims, but instead responded with ‘deliberate indifference to this known and obvious danger,’ and later ‘suppressed, concealed or failed to disclose this information.’

As a result, the victims suffered fear, anxiety, mental and emotional distress, embarrassment, lack of self-esteem, disgrace and humiliation. One was so traumatized he moved away from Wells days after his high school graduation last year and in August 2018 killed himself.

Tennille Whitaker
Tennille Whitaker pictured with her husband and their two children.

Tennille Whitaker sentencing: ‘I betrayed the trust of the parents and the victims.’

McAnany didn’t immediately respond to requests for media comment. District Superintendent Todd Pehrson said district officials cannot comment on pending litigation.

‘We follow our policies and procedures. The safety of our students is our number one concern at all times,’ Pehrson said in an email.

Whitaker was arrested in June 2017. During her sentencing last October, Whitaker asked for forgiveness and apologized to the victims and their families.

‘I will be ashamed forever,’ she said. ‘I am truly sorry for betraying the trust of the parents and the victims.’

The lawsuit is seeking a total of $45,000 in damages.

Corbin Madison
Corbin Madison