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$140: Tennessee algebra teacher busted sleeping with 16 year old teen after refusing to pay blackmail

Jasmine Edmonds
Pictured, Memphis, Tenneessee teacher, Jasmine Edmonds
Jasmine Edmonds
Pictured, Memphis, Tennessee teacher, Jasmine Edmonds

Jasmine Edmonds Memphis teacher outed having affair with 16 year old male student after refusing to pay $140 blackmail. Had texted each other 240 times. 

A Tennessee high school algebra teacher has been alleged to have maintained an illicit tryst with a 16 year old teen boy after refusing to pay him $140.

Tennessee state officials released a more than 60 page document on Wednesday, documenting the relationship between the male student and 24-year-old Jasmine Edmonds.

The former Shelby County Schools teacher was accused of having sex with the teen, who is said to have outed the woman when she failed to pay up.

The two were said to be sexually involved from November 2017 until January 2018 and there were 240 text messages between the duo.

Records, obtained by WHBQ, include screenshots of text messages between Jasmine Edmonds, 24, and an unidentified teen she previously taught at Trezevant High School in Memphis. One of the messages detailed how the teen turned on Edmonds once she apparently refused to pay him to keep quiet about their romps, setting him off and warning the teacher she’d be exposed.

‘You Said We Had A Bet & If You Lie Our Little Secret Going To Be Out There,’ the message read, according to a screenshot obtained by the station. ‘That’s Not A Threat It’s A Promise.’

Continued the teen, ‘Then You Not Trying To Answer Or Text Back I Got Proof of Everything So 140 Tomorrow Or Your Career Over On My Grandma.’

Jasmine Edmonds
Jasmine Edmonds Memphis teacher

Jasmine Edmonds Memphis teacher spent Thanksgiving with her teen victim and the boy’s mother (who was unaware of tryst). 

The teen boy was expelled from the school in March for throwing rocks at Edmonds’ car and texting with his teacher. Other records released Wednesday by Tennessee’s State Board of Education also included a statement from the high school’s basketball coach indicating he saw Edmonds waiting for the teen after practice. The coach assumed Edmonds was giving the teen rides home.

The teen’s mother also provided a written statement to school officials acknowledging that she invited Edmonds to her house for Thanksgiving because the teacher didn’t have any relatives of her own. She also added that she ‘didn’t have any knowledge’ of her son and the teacher dating, but wanted steps taken if that was indeed the case.

Some of the 60 pages of documents released Wednesday date as far back as February 2018.

But Edmonds, who now faces two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure, was not indicted until November. She remains free after posting $50,000 bond last week, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports.

The alleged sex acts between Edmonds and the teen took place at her apartment in Raleigh, a suburb of Memphis.

Not immediately clear is what led to the female educator abusing her position of power, authority and trust and subjugating her teen male victim.