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‘You ruined me life’ False rape accusal at Syracuse frat party leads to $6m lawsuit

Catherine Reddington and Alex Goldman
Pictured, Syracuse University student, Catherine Reddington and her alleged attacker, Alex Goldman
Catherine Reddington and Alex Goldman
Pictured, Syracuse University student, Catherine Reddington and her alleged attacker, Alex Goldman

A claim by Syracuse University student, Catherine Reddington alleging being raped by fellow student, Alex Goldman has led to the accused man filing a suit after the DA said no evidence of sexual assault exists. 

A former college student is suing a former female classmate for $6 million claiming the woman’s false rape accusation at a frat party destroying his life.

The suit follows, Catherine Marie Reddington, 22 from Long Island taking to social media alleging being assaulted at the hands of Alex Goldman, 22.

In her April 2017 post, Reddington claimed Goldman raping her in a bedroom of Syracuse University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity following a party in April 2017.

Goldman has now filed a defamation lawsuit against Reddington, claiming the woman is waging a campaign to ‘destroy and wreak havoc’ on his life and get him expelled from his new university.

Bolstering the student’s suit are comments from Onondaga District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick who maintains while his office takes sexual assault cases seriously, in the case of Reddington the evidence was not there.

The nypost reported Reddington going to police and the university at the time of her alleged rape.

‘During the early hours of April 23, 2017 I was raped and sodomized. I woke up in Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in Alex Goldman’s bed confused, bloody, bruised, with ripped clothing and splinter,’ Reddington wrote early June on Facebook. 

‘Alex Goldman is a rapist.’

Catherine Reddington insists being deceived and ignored by law enforcement:

In her post Reddington insisted being deceived and ignored by law enforcement and having to contend with a ‘flawed’ system that did not protect her. Comments on her post called her brave and inspiring, with many demanding she keep up the ‘fight’. 

Goldman, who was never arrested or charged over the incident, was shortly expelled following Reddington’s claims surfacing along with being fired from his summer internship with an engineering firm.

However, a police investigation into the allegations found no evidence the female student had been raped or even had a sexual encounter with Goldman that night.

The month-long investigation included a medical exam, rape kit and blood work within 26 hours of the incident, according to court papers and the District Attorney.

The two engineering majors woke up fully clothed in Goldman’s bed, both claiming no memory of the night before.

The Post reported that investigators found it ‘impossible to determine what, if anything, occurred that evening between Reddington and Goldman.’

‘There is no credible proof of any sexual conduct in this case, consensual or non-consensual,’ an assistant district attorney wrote in a November 2017 letter, attached to Goldman’s civil claim, explaining why he was never charged.

Catherine Reddington
Catherine Reddington social media post

Catherine Reddington claim leads to Alex Goldman being expelled despite no physical evidence being found. 

Following the DA’s findings, Reddington publicly decried the office’s claims on Facebook, calling it ‘disgusting.’

Despite the lack of physical evidence, the school nevertheless evicted Golman, with the college saying it followed state and federal law in handling the complaint. 

The university has since publicly declined to say why Goldman was expelled.

Told the DA via the nypost, ‘What she has alleged about this office and this young man is simply not accurate,’

‘I don’t know what her motivation is for that.’

Catherine Reddington
Catherine Reddington

Catherine Reddington accuses Alex Goldman of being a serial rapist (but where’s the evidence?).

In a recent social media post, Reddington shared her alleged attacker’s picture, and links to his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, detailing the alleged assault, accusing him of being a serial rapist. She added a #MeToo hashtag and linked to his current university, the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

‘I write this post because this is not the first time Alex Goldman has raped someone and I want to make sure that it is the last,’ she claims in a post earlier this month.

Reddington also posted a screenshot of what appeared to be a message exchange with Goldman’s employer, Bohler Engineering, detailing the  man being fired.

‘Due to the severity of the allegations and our zero tolerance policy, we have elected to immediately terminate the employment relationship,’ the company replied in the screenshot posted on Ms Reddington’s social media.

In launching a suit against Reddington, Goldman’s lawyer, Seth Zuckerman said his client was compelled to move forward, ‘because he could not sit idly by’. 

Adding, ‘Mr Goldman will do everything possible to recover his good name’.

Of note, Reddington declined to be interviewed by the nypost, saying the issue was ‘a matter in the courts’. 

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