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Why? Sweden, NY mom decapitates 7 year old son with knife

Hanane Mouhib
Pictured, Sweden, NY mother, Hanane Mouhib and her seven year old son, whom she beheaded at the family home (inset).
Hanane Mouhib
Pictured, Sweden, NY mother, Hanane Mouhib and her seven year old son, Abraham Cardenas, whom she beheaded at the family home (inset).

What led to Hanane Mouhib an upstate NY mother beheading her ten year old son? Decapitation follows ten days after mother was released from mental health surveillance. 

Hanane Mouhib a 36 year old upstate New York woman has been arrested after decapitating her seven year old son with a kitchen knife at their Sweden, NY family home.

The child’s death comes ten days after the boy’s mother was released from a hospital’s mental health unit reported WROC-TV.

Police identified the victim as 7 year old boy, Abraham Cardenas.

Upon her arrest, Mouhib was charged with second degree murder following police responding to frantic calls on Thursday.

Court papers indicated the boy being stabbed in the upper back and neck, with the mother severing her son’s head.

‘There’s absolutely no explanation for this,’ Sheriff Todd Baxter told during a Friday new conference. ‘The word ‘evil’ comes to mind.’

Asked if there may have been a ‘religious’ motive, Baxter responded, ‘Zero indicators of anything religious, zero indicators of anything cultural,’

Adding, ‘There is really no indicators of that ‘why’ as you asked.’ 

Hanane Mouhib in a state of mental upheaval:

Mouhib, a licensed nurse practitioner who worked at a Rochester psychiatric center, recognized her mental health issues on March 5 and called the sheriff’s office for assistance.

She called 911 again on March 8, and was taken to the Rochester General Hospital, where she remained until March 26.

Ten days after Mouhib’s release, the sheriff’s office received three 911 calls from the home in quick succession around 8:20 p.m reported the Democrat and Chronicle.

One of the calls reported a suicidal woman with a knife, with responding deputies resorting to pepper spray and a stun gun to subdue Mouhib, who refused to drop the weapon. 

Mouhib’s husband, mother-in-law and a 10-year-old boy were all at home at the time of the child’s beheading.

None of the other relatives were injured told police during Friday’s press conference, with authorities saying the family saying they hadn’t seen any warning signs.

A spokesperson for Rochester Regional Health where Mouhib formerly worked confirmed the mother working for them from January 2016 until she left in January 2017.

It wasn’t immediately clear what led to Mouhib leaving her place of work.

Told Superintendent Lesli Myers where Cardenas was a first-grader in the Brockport district, ‘This is a very shocking situation for us.’

She remembered Abraham as an ‘engaged learner’ who ‘lit up a room any time he entered it’ while saying grief counselors would be at the Barclay Elementary School when students return from spring break Monday.

‘I will never find the words to adequately describe, or reconcile with what happened inside Abraham Cardenas’ home last evening,’ Sheriff Baxter reiterated. ‘A young boy with a life full of promise ahead of him is no longer with us to hope, prosper, and fulfill his dreams.’

Mouhib is being held in the county jail without bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 11.

Hanane Mouhib
Pictured the Sweden, NY family home where Hanane Mouhib decapitated her 10 year old son, Abraham Cardenas.