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Nootropics & Brain: Do They Work Together?

How Nootropics aka smart drugs and the brain go together. Image via social media.
How Nootropics aka smart drugs and the brain go together. Image via social media.

Nootropics & Brain: How the use of certain drugs may aid in the cognitive and analytical performance of individuals. A regard of medical advancements. 

The use of drugs that enhance brain performance in healthy people has become an issue of hot debate amongst medical professionals including psychiatrists and physicians, as well as neurologists. Is it ethical? Is it fair? Does it work without imposing adverse effects on the user? Complicated? Yes, but still worthy of our attention. Naturally, these questions are asked not just by professionals in the medical field, but also by individuals who are seeking to enhance or control the state of their mind beyond what a combination of vitamins and their biology permit per time.

It seems much of the effort of medical advancements has gone into enhancing the performance of the body, and this is of course commendable. But shouldn’t it be equally praiseworthy that science is finally finding a way to improve on our brains too, since the brain through the mind is the inspiration behind all physical activity?

What are Nootropics?

The word “Nootropic” has its origin as a derivation of two Greek words, namelynóos (which means “mind”) and tropéō (which means “to bend or turn”). The term was coined in 1972 by a Romanian chemist and psychologist Dr Corneliu Giurgea. Nootropics are also known as smart drugs or punitive enhancers.

A Nootropic is a synthetic compound that improves both analytical and executive cognitive functions in healthy individuals. These functions include creativity, memory or recall, concentration, motivation and the like.

What are some essential characteristics that qualify a drug or supplement as a Nootropic?Dr Corneliu Giurgea in his original definition made the following consideration:

  • It must lack any stimulant, sedative, or toxic effects.
  • It must protect the brain from harmful chemical damage or significant chemical transfigurations.
  • It must improve neuronal firing mechanisms of the brain.
  • It must possess the ability to enhance memory and learning functions.
  • It must possess the ability to help the brain function effective and generally under disruptive external or internal conditions.

A Nootropic is not a drug that treats a medical condition, neither is it a medicine that grants the user any superhuman cognitive abilities or motor skills. You won’t become Superman the next minute, and your life won’t necessarily become another scene from Limitless (sorry about that).

Nootropics help only improve what is already there, and give the user some power or mastery over his/her neurochemistry (in other words your brain reflexes), including mood and intellect.

Various tests have been carried out in the past, even on animals, to determine the safety of Nootropics as well as their proclaimed efficiency upon action on the central nervous system. The tests were conducted to ascertain the effects of these drugs on muscle strength, on motor performance, on passive avoidance response and lots more. The results have been simply amazing and relieving, nothing magical.

Nootropics aka smart drugs: so why do people use them?

Why Do People Use Nootropics?

There are many effects that people look for when they use generic nootropics pills. And many people in many different types of fields of endeavor have turned to the use of smart drugs for various reasons with impressive and sober results. These people include students and professionals, including some high profile Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

People’s reasons for turning to Nootropics have not been far-fetched at all. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

  • For Socializing

Everyone knows that the required temperament for making and maintaining social contact is extroversion. A lot of energy is necessary to keep up with social bonding, and this is an activity that humans cannot do without.

Socializing is a fundamental human quality, but many people naturally do not have that untiring energy needed to indulge in it. Because of their temperament, they get nervous around people even though they love people. People who find socializing difficult and unnerving can turn to Nootropics for a calming effect.

These smart drugs can help them coordinate their reflexes, boost their self-confidence, and forget their anxiety, allowing them to make notable contributions at events. Nootropics, also help make communication easier for public speakers and people with social anxiety.

  • For Study and Productivity

Study activities like revision, exams, and essay compilation are known to be very mentally demanding. Nootropics have proved to be very potent in helping students achieve more focus, as well as a disciplined workflow without becoming addictive to the users.

Entrepreneurs and business people of different fields are also often under pressure to deliver. This tasking atmosphere can cause the brain to sometimes shut off under such a cognitive load. You may notice that you become more easily distracted, permitting intrusive thoughts that appear more intriguing and less demanding.

In such cases, Nootropics like Modafinil revitalize your mental performance, and boost your cognitive processes for you to get those critical tasks done within the given time frame.

  • For Health and Exercise

School and work are not the only physically demanding activities we engage in through the course of our lives. Play and exercise are equally physically demanding. A disconnected mind is a confused body.

Nootropics are known to boost endurance and willpower during play or exercise, during a workout or personal sporting activities. Nootropics increase brain health and give you the mental focus needed to enjoy any physical activity all the way through.

Nootropics: aiding in the efficient use of neurotransmitters.

Well-Known Nootropics

There are lots and lots of smart drugs on the market today, and like we said earlier the best of the lot are prescription drugs which are also helpful in treating some medical conditions.

  • Phenylpiracetam

The modified version of Piracetam is Phenylpiracetam, and it is helpful in achieving some positive effects like:

  • Verbal fluency
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Fitness
  • Mood enhancements
  • Motivation

Phenylpiracetam kicks in quite quickly, say within 30-60 minutes after administering the drug. It is advised that this drug should not be taken in combination with alcohol.

  • Modafinil

Modafinil is commonly usedto treat narcolepsy or sleep-related disorders. The drug not only helps its users stay awake at critical moments, but also boosts their mental capacity, and focuses during the period when they are awake.

  • L-theanine

Found also in beverages, this compound is known for itscalming anti-stress appeal. It has a mellowing effect that fights off anxiety. It amplifies the cognitive benefits of Piracetam. Boosts focus and concentration levels.

  • Melatonin

Melatonin occurs naturally, as a hormone in the brain that helps regulate the body’s sleep cycle systems. Melatonin gives you back control of your body clock by inducing deep, restful, natural sleep and eliminating daytime drowsiness. Thus, it is taken in minimal dosages.

It is important to note and remember that the outcome of the usage of a particular Nootropic may vary from person to person, depending on each person’s brain chemistry and methods of the smart drug’s taking.