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Off duty FDNY medic rapes and strangles friend’s 10 year old Queen’s daughter (as she slept)

Frantz Petion
Pictured, Frantz Petion
Frantz Petion
Pictured, off duty, FDNY EMT medic, Frantz Petion accused of sexually assaulting and choking Queen’s ten year old girl. Image via Facebook.

Frantz Petion off duty FDNY EMT medic accused of sexually assaulting and choking Queen’s ten year old girl. Mother insists her son was set up. 

A NYC Fire Department EMT medic has been arrested and charged after allegedly raping and strangling his friend’s ten year old daughter as she slept.

Booked was 25 year old man, Frantz Petion who allegedly attacked his victim in Queens, Sunday morning while off duty.

The nydailynews reported the incident happening at a family friend’s home located on 202nd street just on 1:20 a.m. 

At the time of the attack, the child had been sleeping in the attic at the time when Frantz Papi Petion ‘grabbed her by the throat and raped her,’ according to a police arrest report. 

The child called police to report the alleged attack at 3:20am. Petion was arrested immediately after.

Petion has been charged with strangulation and child endangerment. 

Frantz Petion
Pictured, FDNY EMT medic, Frantz Petion.

Frantz Petion mother insists her son was set up (but why?):

Responding to her son’s arrest, Sarah Petion, 55, said her off duty FDNY firefighter son had been set up, and that a group of men at the girl’s home viciously beating him, leading to him having to be sent to the hospital.

According to the mom, Petion whom she describes as ‘churchgoing person,’ was drinking at a friend’s birthday party when he went upstairs to find a bathroom.

Instead, she said, he stumbled upon the girl’s bedroom after hearing her crying.

‘A whole bunch of guys came in and attacked him,’ the mother said via the nydailynews as she waited for her son’s arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

‘He said he didn’t do anything to the girl,’ reiterated the mother. ‘He looked at her and asked her if she’s all right. They didn’t want to hear nothing. They just attacked him.’

It remained unclear how and why the son allegedly came to be set up….

A report via nbcny notes Petion being a volunteer firefighter for the Hempstead Fire Department, according to Fire Chief Frederick V. Sandas Jr.

He held the Hempstead fire job for about a year before joining the FDNY, Sandas Jr. said.

Petion has since been suspended without pay for 30 days, the maximum allowable penalty, FDNY spokesman James Long said Sunday.

Further investigation is currently underway. 

Frantz Petion
FDNY EMT medic, Frantz Petion
Frantz Petion
FDNY EMT medic, Frantz Petion
Frantz Papi Petion
Pictured, Frantz Papi Petion. Image via Facebook.