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Right decision? Fiancé who sliced partner’s scrotum with diamond engagement ring avoids jail

Rachel Biscoe
Pictured Rachel Biscoe, far left and her former fiance, and his lover,
Rachael Biscoe
Pictured Rachael Biscoe, far left and her former fiance, Trevor Clamp and his lover, Shouling.

Rachael Biscoe a former fiance avoids jail time after slicing open her partner’s scrotum after accusing him of cheating on her. 

Rachael Biscoe a 44 year old UK woman who sliced open her fiancé’s scrotum with her diamond engagement ring after caching him on the phone with his lover has avoided jail.

The UK’s Sun reported the ‘altercation’ taking place after the jilted fiancé flying into a rage upon returning to their Poundbury home to find Trevor Camp, 50, in bed speaking to a Chinese woman he’d been seeing.

A magistrate heard how Briscoe accused Camp of cheating on her, with the pair grappling over the phone in an argument that spilled into the kitchen.

It was there that Camp, who was naked from the waist down, felt a pain in his groin area and noticed he was bleeding heavily. 

His female friend, who remained on the phone throughout the altercation, later told police he had shouted to her: ‘She’s got a knife and she sliced me.’

But no weapon was ever found at their flat on the edge of Dorchester in Dorset.

Camp admitted being drunk at time and said he did not know what caused the injury to his scrotum.

Biscoe left him writhing in agony while she went out to walk the couple’s dog.

The victim called for an ambulance at 2.20pm on December 8 and was taken to hospital. 

He needed surgery to the wound, but later had to be readmitted to hospital after getting an infection to the area.

It remained unclear if Briscoe had set out to violate her fiance’s masculinity and endanger the man’s sense fo gender.

Elizabeth Valera, prosecuting, told magistrates the couple had been in a relationship for six years, but things went downhill when Biscoe found out he had an affair.

In a statement, Camp said: ‘She found it hard to trust me and was suspicious of my movements.

‘Although we’ve had a volatile relationship, I really did not expect her to be so vicious.’ 

Valera told magistrates the injuries had been caused by Biscoe’s diamond engagement ring when she grabbed him.

But it gets better….

Rachael Biscoe
Trevor Camp with his Chinese lover, Shouling.

Rachael Biscoe discovers her fiance was a cross dresser and had a drinking problem.

The pair are now no longer together and Camp, who is also a transvestite, has since moved to China to live with the woman he was on the phone with.

Aileen Tring, defending, said shortly after they started their relationship, Camp revealed to Biscoe that he was also a cross-dresser, which she accepted.

But he had failed to tell her he also had a drinking problem.

‘She felt she wasn’t able to leave and when he was sober he was a good person,’ Ms Tring said.

Biscoe, who according to her linkedn profile worked as a shopping assistant pleaded guilty to a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

She was handed a four month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, by magistrates in Weymouth reported the dailymail.

She was also given a a concurrent two month suspended sentence for breaching a conditional discharge from a previous assault conviction.

The former fiance has since moved out of the couple’s former residence and now lives in Ilminster,

Biscoe, who wept throughout the hearing, was also ordered to undertake 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, 160 hours of unpaid work and pay £300 compensation to the victim. Indeed.