Video: ‘I’m too educated’ teacher calls Alise Fowler Dollar Tree employee black slave

Pictured Pamela Sharma who is caught on tape calling Georgia, Dollar Tree employee, Alise Fowler a ‘black slave’.

Georgia customer, Pamela Sharma is caught on video verbally abusing a Dollar Tree employee, calling her a black slave. 

Going viral is a video of Pamela Sharma a former teacher who was caught on video screaming at a Dollar Tree employee and calling them a black slave.

The incident which took place on Wednesday shows Sharma calling staff worker, Alise Fowler a ‘black b***h’, a ‘black wh**e’ and a ‘black slave’ at the Lawrenceville store, in Georgia.

Aware that she’s being recorded, Sharma, who was with her sister turns to the individual telling them, ‘Keep recording, black Momma’.

Screams Sharma, ‘Jesus was white, not black’, before being persuaded to leave the store.

Pamela Sharma: ‘I’m the real victim’

The ‘incident’ hasn’t sat too well with Fowler who told WSB-TV: ‘Talking to somebody like this is never OK. Being evil, is never OK.’

Fowler has since indicated that she now plans to press charges against Sharma.

Since the video going viral, Sharma has responded that she’s not a racist – and that she was in fact the real victim.

During the clip, Sharma, who is of Indian descent, was approached by a man, and asked ‘where are you from?’ and ‘why don’t you go back there?’

It’s not clear if the man was an employee or a shopper. 

Pictured Dollar Tree employee, Alise Fowler and Pamela Sharma

Pamela Sharma: ‘But I’m too educated to be a racist’.

Sharma also claims that Fowler threatened to ‘beat her a**’. 

‘The clerk got agitated and… said: ‘You pieces of trash, why don’t you go back to your country,’ added Sharma, who is also a part time actress with roles such as ‘college student in towel’ in Big Mommas House and a Miss America Preliminary Pageant contestant reports the dailymail.

‘I wasn’t racist initially and I wasn’t racist in the middle, it’s not until I became the victim of racism,’ said Sharma, who said that as a ‘highly educated’ former high school teacher, she couldn’t possibly be racist.

‘So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools,’ Sharma said. ‘Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.’ Or do they?

Sharma claims that she wants to sit down with Fowler and have a heart to heart following the incident. It’s not yet clear whether Fowler has accepted Sharma’s offer…

Pamela Sharma is not the most loved Dollar Tree shopper….
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