Kennebuck teacher pleads not guilty to having sex with suicidal student

Jill Lamontagne pleads not guilty: Pictured Kennebuck High school teacher. Image via social media.

Jill Lamontagne pleads not guilty: A Kennebuck High schoolteacher denies having had sexual contact with what her lawyer describes as an emotionally troubled teen student.

Jill Lamontagne a 29 year old Kennebunk, Maine high school teacher on Monday pled not guilty to having had sex with a suicidal 17 year old male student.

Appearing in court, the married mother of two young infants pleaded not guilty to 14 charges against her, including six counts of gross sexual assault, two counts of unlawful sexual contact and six counts of sexual abuse of a minor, according to The Portland Press Herald.

Lamontagne was indicted in October and turned herself into authorities. The teacher allegedly had a relationship with a male student who was in her health class at Kennebunk High School at the time of their alleged sexual contact.

‘Mrs. Lamontagne categorically denies the charges,’ Lamontagne’s lawyer, Scott Gardner, said following the indictment, Seacoast Online reported. ‘These allegations arise from a high school rumor which consisted of the fantasies of an emotionally troubled senior at Kennebunk High School. None of this is true.’

Pictured, Kennebuck High school teacher, Jill Lamontagne. Image via Kennebunk Police Department.

Jill Lamontagne alleged victim claims having had sex numerous times, in the classroom, at her house and in her car.

The alleged relationship between Lamontagne and the student was revealed when the student was hospitalized following a suspected suicide attempt.

The student reportedly ingested a concoction of ibuprofen, Tylenol, cold medicine and blood thinner Warfarin following the alleged relationship.

The boy confessed to the relationship to his aunt a day after his hospitalization. The student and his teacher had sexual contact ‘numerous times, in the classroom, at her house, in her car,’ the student’s mother wrote. The student said Lamontagne performed oral sex on him, adding that ‘other stuff happened.’

The student reportedly told his mother and a nurse at the hospital that he loved Lamontagne and took the mixture of medicines to attempt suicide.

Following the student’s claims, Lamontagne was placed on administrative leave in June before resigning in September. 

Of note, the boy’s suicide attempt also led to Biddeford District Court Judge Daniel Driscoll placing an order of protection against Lamontagne, demanding that the Kennebunk High School (KHS) teacher avoid contact with her alleged student victim for two years.

Maine state law classifies sexual liaison relations between teachers or adults with someone they have supervisory authority over as a class-C felony. 

Class-C crimes reportedly carry a maximum prison sentence of five years and/or a $5,000 fine.

To date authorities have declined to tell why the Lamontagne allegedly abused her position of authority, trust and power to sexually prey on her suicidal teen male victim.

Lamontagne is scheduled to appear in court on March 8 for a dispositional conference.

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Jill Lamontagne pleads not guilty: Pictured Kennebuck, Maine teacher with her husband and their two children.
Jill Lamontagne and family.
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