Why? Florida couple leave boy alone in trailer for 2 months (with no food).

Pictured, Escambia County, Florida couple, Joshua Sanders and Jennifer Nichols. Police bookings image via Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

What led to Joshua Sanders and Jennifer Nichols, a Florida couple leaving a juvenile boy alone in a trailer for 2 months (with no food)?

Joshua Sanders and Jennifer Nichols a Florida couple have been arrested after leaving a minor living alone in a trailer without furniture and often without food. Upon being taken into custody, the Escambia County boyfriend and girlfriend were charged with child neglect.

A report via the Pensacola News Journal told of Nichols, 34 and Sanders, 32 arrested on Nov. 30.

A witness told Escambia County sheriff’s deputies that the couple began renting the trailer in September before she realized at some point that the child had been living alone.

It wasn’t clear if the couple had rented the trailer for the expressed purpose of ‘housing’ the child while the boy’s parents ‘tended’ to other ‘pursuits’

The witness said she tried to care for the child as best she could, but it wasn’t as much as he needed. The woman told police she contacted Sanders and Nichols to say they either needed to move in or move the child somewhere he had an actual guardian, at which point Sanders allegedly said it was not her problem as long as he paid the rent.

The boy, whose age wasn’t disclosed told investigators he was occasionally able to contact the couple who in turn would bring a small amount of money and a meal or two. That said the child, described as a juvenile, said he mostly had been unable to reach the pair. Commentators on the web familiar with the case allege the child being three months short of his 18th birthday.

Investigators said the boy hadn’t been to school in months, with the Florida Department of Children and Families had been involved in several cases of his. Authorities said the boy wasn’t aware of any case workers assigned to his case.

Sanders allegedly told investigators he wasn’t responsible for the child because he’d been emancipated, but the child said he was not.

The couple were being held in jail Tuesday with jail records indicating remaining in custody as of Monday afternoon, in lieu of a $250,000 and $150,000 bond, for both Sanders and Nichols respectively.

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