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Why? Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher has sex with two teen students

 Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher
Pictured, Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher at Kettering Fairmont High School.

What led to Madeline Marx an Ohio substitute teacher allegedly having sex with two teen students? Admits having sent lewd photos to her teen victims. 

Madeline J. Marx a 23 year old Ohio substitute teacher has been arrested after allegations of having had sexual relationships with at least two students.

Upon her arrest Wednesday at Kettering Fairmont High School, the educator was booked on two felony counts of sexual battery.

At the time of her arrest, WHIO reported Marx having been a substitute in the district for two years and handed a four year teaching license last year, enabling her to teach grades K-12.

WHIO reported Marx graduating from the nearby Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in 2012. 

School authorities were put on notice just on 8am Wednesday morning after students went to the school principal saying they were concerned about Marx having alleged relationship with two different 11th grade students.

Kettering police Lt. Mike Gabrielson said Marx was arrested three hours later after detectives found probable cause. 

‘We became aware (Marx) was possibly involved with inappropriate activities with a juvenile,’ Kettering Superintendent Scott Inskeep said. 

‘When we become aware of them then we will remove those people and not have them around our students.’

Madeline Marx indicted for kinky sex with multiple students.

Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher
Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher

Madeline Marx Ohio substitut teacher application: ‘I am passionate about children and their education.’

During the course of interviews with Marx, police said the 23 year old female teacher admitting to Kettering police detectives sending ‘several nude pictures’ through Snap Chat and Instagram to one of the students.

While police declined revealing the extent of alleged abuse or say whether it happened on or off school grounds, Marx’s arrest record revealed the woman allegedly having oral sex with a 17 year old student in July in the parking lot of Big Lots on Wilmington Pike in Kettering. 

Marx was also was accused of having sex with the other student, a 16 year old boy in the parking lot of Van Buren Apartments on Smithville Road on September, 21.

One of the illicit relationships is alleged to have started in June of this year and ended in September.

‘Teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of educating children who are becoming young adults,’ said Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr., ‘this defendant took advantage of her position and developing a sexual relationship with minor students.’

Noted Marx on her teaching license application according to Dayton Daily News:

‘I am passionate about children and their education. I am a hard-worker, who focuses on individual student’s strengths and needs. I have worked with special needs children since high school.’

In answering what her top reason for being a teacher, she wrote: ‘The ability to provide children an advocate for their education as well as their well-being.’

Come late Thursday, a Kettering Judge ordered Marx could be released on her own recognizance on the condition she live with her father at his home while the case is pending.

Prosecutors said her case will be presented to a county grand jury, while Kettering school district said it would seek to have Marx’s teaching license revoked.

It remains unclear as to why the female teacher abused her position of authority, trust and power to sexually prey on her male victims….

Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher
Madeline Marx Ohio substitute teacher as she was being led away Wednesday at the school