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Video: Flinders street train station sex stars two Melbourne men shocking commuters

Flinders street train station sex
Flinders street train station sex: Two men were caught on camera appearing to have sex on the platform of a busy train station platform in Melbourne, Australia.

Flinders street train station sex leads to shock as two men physically engage each other in full view as confounded commuters look on Saturday night.

Causing disconcert over the weekend at Melbourne’s Flinders Street station was the visage of two men sexually engaging each other along the platform.

The scene which was caught on surveillance camera circa 11pm Saturday local time,  shocked waiting passengers and commuters as what appeared to be two men not wearing clothes standing close to each other, with one protruding behind the other man, while rubbing up against him.

At the same time, commuters watched aghast as the other man appeared to reach around to fondle his bare behind before the pair separated and began putting their clothes back on.

Both men, aged 22 and 25, were later arrested and were charged with wilful and obscene exposure and theft reported Australia’s Herald Sun. Along with public fornication, both men were also cited for allegedly stealing two pot plants from outside Melbourne Town Hall. Indeed.

Of note, neither identity of the two involved men were publicly divulged.

Samantha Lenkic said she witnessed the pair along with dozens of people on the platforms, including an elderly woman who yelled at them.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it, I was stunned… it was quite gross and not clearly something I want to see,’ she said.

‘Others were shocked, some people were laughing watching it all unfold.’ 

To date Flinders st, Melbourne police declined to speculate on what may have led to the two men physically engaging each other in public and the status of their ‘relationship’. 

Video snippet via the dailymail.

The video episode follows other displays of public sex which have confounded, irritated,  titillated, irritated and amused passerbys. Indeed.