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Christy Lenhardt social worker: How I turned a mental patient into my personal sex slave

Christy Lenhardt
Pictured, Illinois social worker, Christy Lenhardt.
Christy Lenhardt social worker
Pictured, Illinois social worker, Christy Lenhardt.

Christy Lenhardt an Illinois social worker has been accused in a federal suit of turning a mental patient into her personal sex slave. 

Christy Lenhardt a 53 year old Illinois social worker has been accused of seducing a 24 year old patient at a mental institution as her personal sex slave according to a federal lawsuit.

The suit comes courtesy of alleged victim, Ben Hurt, 24, who claims Lenhardt sexually abused him while under her care at Elgin Mental Health Center over the course of three years.

‘She engaged in all kinds of various sexual misconduct,’ Hurt’s attorney, Joe Cecala, told via WBBM. ‘The graphic details are every sex act that you can imagine.’

Lenhardt is alleged to have spent months seducing Hurt, starting in 2014, before having sex at the state mental institution after continual prodding and manipulation. 

‘She’s accused of manipulating and seducing our client, repeatedly, and it took her about four months until she actually had sex for the first time with him,’ Cecala added. ‘We have evidence of her perversion, both in her emails to the client, nude photos.’

Ben Hurt was only suppose to be at the mental facility for 6-12months but somehow ended up being there for 3 years.

Hurt, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in 2014 for battery against a police officer. The incident led him to being committed at the facility, where his mom claims that Lendhart would make excuses to extend his stay.

‘They assured me that they were going to help me with my child,’ Hurt’s mom D’Anntanette Lee told WBBM. ‘What they did to my son was wrong.’

The mother said she’d been initially assured her son would be released within six to twelve months, only for Hurt to end up staying at the state mental facility for close to three years.

Hurt, who has since been released from the facility, also sued two other psychiatrists and the center’s director for allegedly ignoring the abuse. 

Reiterated the family lawyer, ‘It was obvious that the sexual abuse was going on, it was recorded on surveillance cameras.’

Lenhardt was fired from the center in July but has not been charged with a crime.

Illinois State Police launched an investigation into the allegations, WGN-TV reported

It remains unclear whether criminal charges will be meted out to the facility along with the accused social worker.

Christy Lenhardt
Pictured Ben Hurt, alleged mental patient victim at Elgin Mental Health Center.
Christy Lenhardt
Pictured Illinois social worker, Christy Lenhardt.