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Why? Carlton Edmondson murders dad, cuts off penis and takes Facebook selfies

Carlton Edmondson
Pictured, Chicago man, Carlton Edmondson alleged to have murdered his father and mutilated the man’s body along with posing for selfies on Facebook.

What led to Carlton Edmondson, a Chicago man murdering his father, mutilating the man’s body and posting selfies on Facebook with the man’s body parts?

Carlton Edmondson a 26 year old Chicago man has been accused of murdering his father, mutilating and dismembering his body, and then posing for selfies on Facebook.

Upon his arrest on Saturday, the self-described producer and singer-songwriter, was taken into custody in connection to the slaying of his father, 61-year-old Carl Edmondson, whose battered body was discovered in the basement of his home in the 11500 block of South Bishop Street.

Police officers went over to the address on Saturday to conduct a welfare check after the suspect’s uncle said the son had gone to his father’s home despite a recent court order barring the son from coming anywhere near the father on account of a previous assault, November 20.

Upon entering he home, police found the father with his head beaten in and blood and brain matter splattered on the floor and walls of the basement.

A Bowie knife, a circular saw, a concrete capstone and a can of gasoline were also seized from the scene of the crime.

But it gets even more gruesome.

Carlton Edmondson
Carlton Edmondson Facebook.

Carlton Edmondson mutilates his father’s body and proceeds to post alarming messages and selfies on Facebook

The Chicago Sun-Times reported the father’s penis having been hacked off, with responding police officers recovering a piece of the organ in the basement. The victim’s corpse was covered in deep lacerations and reeked of gasoline.

The discovery comes after the son on November 25 had uploaded a series of photos onto his Facebook page showing him wearing a black-and-white jacket covered in what appears to be blood. 

Another post, appeared to show Carl Edmondson’s caved-in head. It was accompanied by the peculiarly spelled caption: ‘YoBaUDIE IS ma PARTY #BABHYHH,’ reported Chicago Sun-Times.

Other status updates posted on the day of the killing read: ‘EyEm OAWn mA pEriOd #beebop #silenceofthelambs #gdshit #chevezwhatupfolkz’; ‘And they say I’m crazy #gdcochroach #iaintbudgeawierdo’ nd ‘EyE sIlEnCed thE LahmeDs.’

In one post, Edmondson requested a payment of $15million ‘f4 tHE d***,’ seemingly referring to his father’s severed penis.   

Carl Edmondson was killed just five days after requesting an order of protection against his son, stemming from a November 20 incident in which Carlton was arrested for allegedly hurling a brick through the window of his father’s house.

The younger man was later released on a recognizance bond.

Come Tuesday, Carlton Edmondson appeared in court for a bond hearing, which was punctuated by several outbursts from the suspect.

When a prosecutor told the judge that Edmondson was facing counts of first-degree murder and violating the order of protection, the son loudly protested: ‘the order of protection is gone. He is no longer living.’

Carlton Edmondson
Pictured, Chicago man, Carlton Edmondson. Police bookings.

Carlton Edmondson arrested no less than 6 times since September and two delinquent orders of protections against him.

As Assistant State Attorney Julia Ramirez described the state of the victim’s body, Edmondson was heard laughing to himself.

The son also gestured when the prosecutor mentioned Carl Edmondson’s severed sex organ.

The judge in turn had Edmondson removed from the courtroom and ordered he be taken to a hospital to undergo a medical evaluation.

The 26-year-old murder suspect has an extensive criminal history, which includes arrests for petty theft, public intoxication and indecent exposure. 

Since September, the son had been arrested no less than six times on a variety of misdemeanor charges, including refusing to give his name to police officers who saw him drinking on a street corner; stealing a pair of $16 sunglasses from a South Side Target and snatching a 70-year-old woman’s cellphone as she bought lottery tickets at a convenience store.

Edmonson’s father had first sought an order of protection against Carlton in August, and then again in October, but it was not served until last week. It wasn’t clear what led to the delay and how that may have betrayed the city’s indifference towards victims of family abuse,  inner city crime and mental illness.