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Domingo Bulacio: Argentine dad has 8 kids with sex slave daughter (over 20 years)

Pictured s and with whom he had eight children with.
Domingo Bulacio
Pictured Antonia Bulacio, the daughter that Argentinian man, Domingo Bulacio raped for more than 20 years and with whom he had eight children with.

Domingo Bulacio an Argentinian man is accused of having fathered eight children with his sex slave daughter over 20 years. 

Domingo Bernacho Bulacio a 56 year old Argentinian man has been accused of fathering eight children with his daughter who he kept as a sex slave over the course of 20 years plus.

Appearing in trial, a DNA test shows the father, a local laborer being responsible for his daughter’s eight pregnancies after allegedly repeating her.

The father reportedly began raping his then 11-year-old daughter 22 years ago.

The father’s eventual arrest came after the man’s daughter, Antonia Bulacio took their youngest son to the doctor reported El Liberal.

Upon asking the daughter who the boy’s father was, the daughter told the truth about the child’s parentage. It was alleged that the daughter had been 

Bulacio was taken into custody in January 2016 after fleeing police for 45 days.

He was discovered hiding 30 miles away from his hometown at a relative’s house in Loreto, Santiago del Estero, northern Argentina.

Prior to fleeing the ‘family’ had lived in an isolated single dwelling in Termas de Río Hondo with the daughter saying she was first sexually assaulted when she was eight years old.

After undergoing the DNA test, Bulacio was charged with sex crimes and ordered to stand trial.

Domingo Bulacio
Pictured Argentinian man, Domingo Bulacio accused of fathering eight children with his sex slave daughter.

Domingo Bulacio daughter: He turned me into his wife.

According to local reports, the victim was abandoned by her mother, who was allegedly physically abused by Bulacio. The woman is thought to have been thrown out of the family home by the father, with the man’s wife leaving with three of their children, leaving her eleven year old daughter behind with Bulacio. 

The mother is believed to have died soon after, leaving her three youngest children with relatives.

Episodes of abuse included Bulacio raping his daughter who replaced the role of her own mother in front of the daughter’s children. The children told the daughter were often instructed to close their eyes.

Six of the eight children are living at the boarding school of Eva Peron in Santiago del Estero.

In the immediate aftermath of Bulacio having gone on the run, the man’s daughter said she had been threatened with death by an aunt, the sister of the accused, demanding that she withdraw her complaint.

The case, which has been adjourned until next week, continues as commentators compare it to the Austrian father, Josef Fritzl who fathered seven children with his sex slave daughter who he hid in an underground dungeon at the family home. 

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