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Connie Serbu murders Xavier Sierra after he raped six year old daughter in revenge killing

Connie Serbu
Connie Serbu murders Xavier Sierra
Connie Serbu
Connie Serbu murders Xavier Sierra

Connie Serbu a Florida mother confesses to murdering Xavier Sierra after the 18 year old man raped six year old daughter in revenge killing. Vigilante justice examined.

Connie Serbu a Florida mother has confessed to murdering 18 year old man, Xavier Sierra as revenge after allegedly raping her 6 year old daughter. Come Friday the woman was charged with second degree murder. 

Investigators say the woman lured her daughter’s alleged attacker to a wooded area in Naples where confronted Sierra about the rape before shooting him dead.

From there, Serbu called police on herself, telling officers, ‘So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter … she told me everything that happened.’

A report via the Naple News told of police discovering Sierra’s body by trees in the 700 block of Goodlette-Frank Rd, July 7, 2016.

The body of Serbu’s brother John Vargas, 29, of the Bronx, New York, was discovered nearby.

Serbu had enlisted the help of her brother for the murder but he was killed in the fracas, according to police documents.

The mother-of-two told investigators that her daughter had told her about the alleged rape in May 2016 – several years after the sexual assault took place.

At the time, the daughter had pleaded with her mother not to hurt Sierra with Serbu refusing to listen and plotting his death according to court documents.

Connie Serbu
Pictured Connie Serbu’s brother John Vargas who was killed during the revenge murder of Xavier Sierra.

Serbu hatched her plans for revenge. 

In July, Serbu texted Sierra of Golden Gate, inviting the man to come over and build a bunk bed for cash.

Serbu then picked Sierra up, along with her brother Vargas, but instead of returning home, the group drove to the woods in Naples.

When they pulled up, Sierra attempted to flee only to be chased down by Serbu and Vargas.

Vargas, who was mentally disabled, caught up with the teen, and the two wrestled for the two guns. 

Eventually, Sierra was shot six times and died. Vargas was shot once in the abdomen and later died from his wounds.

At the time there had been confusion whether the men’s deaths were related to a plot solely involving both men. Discovery of the two men’s bodies came after reports of shooting in the area.

To date it has yet to be revealed how Connie Serbu had come to know her daughter’s alleged rapist and how the man was able to allegedly rape the girl at the time.

Connie Serbu
Pictured, area where the bodies of where John Vargas and Xavier Sierra were found in Naples, Florida after Connie Serbu set a revenge killing for her daughter’s alleged rape.

Following police investigations, Serbu was served with an arrest warrant on 25 August this year, on a charge of second-degree murder, according to documents filed with the Collier County Clerk of Courts this week. 

‘The arrest brings up a lot of old emotions,’ said Zachary Rodriguez, a friend of Sierra. 

‘But it also brings a big weight off my chest and helps me take a deep breath,’ he said.

Adding, ‘Things are taking a step in the right direction, and it feels good to know justice is being served.’

In the aftermath of the killings, Serbu relinquished custody of her two children to her estranged husband in July 2016 due to the homicide investigation.

The couple had been ‘experiencing marital problems’ and had an on and off again relationship since 2014, court documents state.

Connie Serbu
Pictured Connie Serbu victim, Xavier Sierra

The debate for and against Vigilante Justice.

Serbu’s case has reignited the debate of ‘vigilante justice’ and whether despite the mother’s rage it would have been best to follow the judicial course of law and allow authorities to investigate the alleged crimes and administer punishment as required by the law. The idea of taking the law into one’s hand while seemingly virtuous to the afflicted opens the Pandora box of one individual being the judge, jury and executioner- something no civil society should ever be allowed to digress to.

The case is still being investigated, according to police.

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