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Meet Talicia Martins, the drug addicted and crime spree daughter of New York socialite parents

Talicia Martins
Talicia Martins
Pictured Talicia Martins and her NYC socialite parents, Darci Kistler and Peter Martins. Image via CBS.

Talicia Martins the daughter of NYC socialites, Darci Kistler and Peter Martins arrested in burglaries with drug addiction believed to be motivating factor. 

Making a name for herself (but probably not in the way her well to do parents envisaged…) is 21 year old Manhattan woman Talicia Martins who was arrested over the weekend for a string of burglaries in Maine. Burglaries that may have been feeding a pernicious drug addiction ….

According to Bangor Daily News, Martins and her partner in crime, Camden, Maine summer regular, Jacob Flanagan, 20 were arrested per an anonymous tip after released surveillance tape of a string of recent burglaries in Camden made the rounds.

According to a Camden Police press release, the pair allegedly broke into several businesses in the Camden area, including The Smoothie Shack on Elm Street, Francine Bistro on Chestnut Street and Camden Cone on Bay View Street, on July 30 and 31, stealing more than $1,000 to $2000 in items.

But what makes this arrest of two young adults involved in another run of the mill robbery haul is the identity of one of the burglars. Well for starters, Martins happens to be a Bard College student graduate. The cost of annual tuition which will run one’s parents circa $52,226 a year.

And who exactly are the parents?

Talicia Martins
Pictured Talicia Martins and her NYC socialite parents, Darci Kistler and Peter Martins. Image via social media.

Notes the the Bangor Daily News: ‘Martins, 21, is the daughter of Darci Kistler, a former principal ballet dancer for the New York City Ballet, and Peter Martins, a famous Danish choreographer and chief of the metropolitan ballet company.’

Of note, Martins’ mother a bona fide NYC socialite spent close to three decades with the New York City Ballet before eventually retiring in 2010. Martins’ father has been the Metropolitan’s master and chief for nearly 35 years.

Even on a rainy day, one wouldn’t expect to read the daughter of a power socialite couple transgressing to the degree that Martins is alleged to have misbehaved.

Which poses the awkward question? Since when do the children of supposedly upwardly mobile New Yorkers cross over to the dark side?

Notes the nypost, Martins was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and heroin in June — at her parents’ luxury West End Avenue apartment building.’

Reiterating the premise of drugs being a factor in the recent string of heists, Camden police said that drugs and alcohol played a role in the heists, though declining to elaborate further.

Talicia Martins
Talicia Martins bookings photo.

The arrest of Talicia Martins comes as a particular eyesore for the jetset community which has lauded the up and coming riser, having seen the young woman been invited to contribute to Vanity Fair (that’s what money, fame and certain pedigree will get you in the real world).

One recent contribution from Martins included her penning an article for Teen Vogue, titled, ‘How I took a year off before starting college, and why you should too.’

The article articulates how Martins managed to ‘make it on her own’ (do you suppose…?) along with how she got to ‘take advantage’ of the system.  Indeed.

To boot, Martins also regularly caters to her social media profile (since removed, alas) where she extols the virtues of her upwardly mobile life, including travels and the good life one is accustomed to seeing the children of rich people living. For better or worse.

In the interim, Martins has been charged with burglary and felony theft. along with Flanagan who also faces an additional charge for criminal trespassing. Both are currently out on $1,500 bail and waiting for their next court date.

Talicia Martins
Talicia Martins pictured with Natalie Portman. Image via social media.
Talicia Martins
Talicia Martins with her accomplice, . As pictured via surveillance tape.
Talicia Martins
Talicia Martins vacationing in Irving, NY.
Talicia Martins
Pictured Talicia Martins.Up and coming star…? Image via Pinterest.