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Melissa Bonkoski teacher re-arrested having sex with teen after sending desperate texts

Melissa Bonkoski
Pictured West Philadelphia teacher, Melissa Bonkoski who formerly taught at Owen J. Roberts High School. Police bookings.

Melissa Bonkoski a Chester County teacher is re-arrested after investigations corroborate allegations of having sex with a teen student along with desperate texts. 

Melissa Bonkoski a South Coventry Township, Pennsylvania teacher has had charges against her upgraded following allegations earlier this month of having sex with a 16 year old teen student.

According to abc7ny, Bonkoski, 38 who was cited on August 16 for ‘inappropriate contact’ with one of her teen pupils was re arrested on Tuesday after an investigation led to authorities charging the woman having no less than three sexual interludes with her victim.

At the time, Bonkoski was released on $80,000 unsecured bail prior to an Aug. 17 hearing.

Upon her re-arrest on Tuesday, Bonkoski faced far serious charges of actually having had sex with the teen boy said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan according to a report via pennlive.

Bonkoski was previously charged with institutional sexual assault and inappropriate contact with the student after allegations of kissing and touching came to light, Hogan said.

Upon Tuesday’s arraignment, Bonkoski faced five charges of institutional sexual assault, five counts of unlawful contact with a minor and one charge of corruption of minors, along with one count of criminal use of a communication facility, all felonies. 

Reiterated Hogan, ‘Rule No. 1 if you are a teacher or a coach: Do not have sex with a student,’

Adding, ‘Breaking this rule is a one-way ticket to arrest, losing your job, and prison, not to mention profound damage to the victim and the school community which you were entrusted to serve.’

Melissa Bonkoski
Pictured Owen J. Roberts High School, where Melissa Bonkoski sexually preyed on her 16 year old male student victim.

Investigations against the Bonkoski who taught at Owen J. Roberts High School began when the victim’s girlfriend discovered suspicious texts on her boyfriend’s phone in March.

According to the teen girl, the messages appeared ‘desperate’.

‘I was kinda hoping you would have called me back last night,’ read one text sent at 5:53 a.m. on March 3. ‘I really needed to talk.’

Based on interviews with both Bonkoski and the victim, authorities had uncertainty over if the relationship had progressed beyond kissing and touching. 

During an August 11 interview, the science teacher relented, telling police she’d had sex with the victim. The student at the time had only claimed having slept in the woman’s bed. 

That said, further investigations reported The Philly Voice led to confirmation that the teacher and her victim did in fact have sex, the first time in December 2016.

According to the criminal complaint, Bonkoski’s history with the victim dates back to December 1, 2015. 

During police investigations, it was revealed Bonkoski had been the 16 year old victim’s teacher during his freshman year at the high school.

By then the pair had begun texting each other, with messages about schoolwork before the messages became more frequent and more personal in nature, police said.

At some point in December, 2016, the two kissed with the teacher allowing her victim to touch her breasts. In another instance, the boy stated staying the night at his teacher’ house, sleeping in the same bed as her, with the pair ‘discussing’ having oral sex.

Bonkoski told investigators having a series of ‘make out’ sessions following their first sexual tryst until all sexual contact ceased in January.

Matters began to take an increasingly predatory tone when the boy told investigators his teacher started sending ‘harassing text messages’ with the boy growing increasingly uncomfortable.

‘He was worried that he wouldn’t get rides home anymore if he stopped kissing [Bonkoski],’ noted the criminal complaint.

Bonkoski reportedly became ‘obsessed’ with the student, contacting him using a pre-paid cellphone, which she didn’t think could be traced back to her.  

‘Whatever you do, please don’t shut me out,’ Bonkoski texted the student in March, according to the Daily Times. ‘I’m begging you.’

Police had no trouble tracking that burner phone back to Bonkoski, in part because it was mostly used at school and at her home.

On July 11, Bonkoski was brought in for a police interview, during which she admitted to the relationship, and said she ‘thought she was being smart’ by using the burner phone.

Her school district got wind of the charges the following day after her original arrest and administrators immediately demanded she resign. 

‘Upon learning of the filing of these charges, the school district asked for, and received, Bonkoski’s immediate resignation from her employment as a teacher,’ Anthony Costello, the district’s acting superintendent, said.   

Bonkowski, of Stowe, is understood to have resigned later that day.

According to an online profile with the school district, which has since been taken down, Bonkoski taught ‘earth science’ at the school for the past two years. Before that, The Daily Local reported the woman having taught science in Miami, Florida and before that in West Philadelphia.  

Bonkoski posted bond of $50K Tuesday after being arraigned on 12 felony counts, courts records say.