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Yomna Fouad photos: How I drugged men, had sex with them and stole their shxt

Yomna Fouad
Pictured, Yomna Fouad who is accused of swindling men of their possessions. Image via social media.
Yomna Fouad
Pictured, Yomna Fouad who is accused of swindling men of their possessions. Image via social media.

Yomna Fouad: How a professional hustler used her looks and sexuality to rob unsuspecting men at a cache of upscale venues after going back to their homes.

Yomna Fouad a 21 year old Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly robbing a man she’d met at a Miami Beach nightclub.

Appearing in court Monday, the sometimes model, reputed escort who also goes by the street name, Shakeyra Wilson was ordered held in lieu of $50K bond.

The woman’s arrest comes after a string of allegations against Fouad of meeting men at upscale locations before returning with them for sex only to drug them and steal high worth items, including cash, watches and jewelry reported local10 news.

It was whilst out on the town over the weekend, that one of Fouad’s victims recognized the woman who’d swindled him in March, with police arresting the woman on an outstanding arrest warrant.

At the time of her arrest, Fouad was booked on charges of grand theft along with using fraudulent identification.

According to the victim, upon initially approaching Fouad at an upscale venue, the woman had suggested the pair return to the victim’s home, with the man complying. Do you suppose?

Told the man who didn’t want to be publicly identified:She said we should go back to my place and I said, ‘OK, sure,”

The man, since identified as Alain Rene Galette told detectives that Fouad, who told him her name was Amina, massaged his back and said that it appeared that she was trying to make him fall asleep.

The man told her to stop massaging him with the pair havig sex before falling asleep.

It wasn’t until the following morning that the man realized he had been duped when he awoke to find Fouad gone. Also missing was the man’s clothing, cash and jewelry, including a Rolex watch. The total loss was about $32,000.

Reiterated the hapless victim via NBC 6 Miami:I woke up drugged, not knowing what happened, and all my stuff was gone’.

Yomna Fouad
Pictured, Yomna Fouad, also a preferred hawt bixch….

According to the victim, surveillance video captured Fouad leaving the man’s residence wearing his shirt and carrying out his belongings.

He said he recognized her outside of the Rockwell venue by the tattoos on her hands.

‘It’s like a henna-type tattoo,’ the man told via local10 news. ‘I told the security and they held her until police arrived.’

Galette, a music industry professional, claims at the time of his initial meeting of Fouad not knowing she was a prostitute.

Reflected the man, ‘She has an innocent face, I was not expecting that from her,’

‘Something like this definitely caught me off guard.’

But it gets better.

Yomna Fouad
Pictured, Yomna Fouad

Detectives have now tied Fouad to another robbery in May 2016.

According to an arrest report, Fouad and a friend in that incident met the victim at LIV nightclub inside the Fontainebleau hotel.

Fouad told the man her name was Rebecca ‘Becca’ Arias, police said.

Police said the women stayed with the victim at his table until the club closed and the man offered to get a hotel room for the three of them. Do you suppose?

From there, the women followed the victim to the room with one of the women saw him place his $46,000 Rolex watch and $8,000 in cash inside the hotel room safe, the report said.

Police said the victim left the women in the room while he went to his car to get his overnight bag.

When he returned, the women were gone. Also gone were the rolex watch and cash.

But there’s more.

Fouad is also accused of stealing an $87,000 Audemars Piguet watch in September 2016 from a man who she had met at the Matador restaurant on Miami Beach.

Authorities said Fouad is from Columbia, South Carolina, and identified her job title in the arrest reports as ‘prostitute.’

She is also accused of similar robberies throughout the East Coast.

Welcome to a brave new world hustle…

Yomna Fouad
Yomna Fouad court appearance
Yomna Fouad
Yomna Fouad Saturday night special mug shot.
Yomna Fouad
Yomna Fouad caught on surveillance camera stealing one of her male victim’s personal items.
Yomna Fouad
Yomna Fouad hand which led to a former victim recognizing the woman on Saturday.
Yomna Fouad
Yomna Fouad: ‘Why decline…’